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Good-bye in the Evening to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament

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Oh my Jesus, Celestial Prisoner,

the sun is now setting, the darkness invades the earth,

and you remain alone in the Tabernacle of love.

I seem to see You there in an air of sadness for the loneliness of the night,

because You don’t have around You the crown

of your sons and of your tender spouses,

who may at least keep You company in this voluntary imprisonment.


Oh, my Divine Prisoner,

I too feel my heart breaking for having to leave You,

and I am forced to say Good-bye;

but, what am I saying, oh Jesus – never again Good-bye.

I don’t have the courage to leave You alone.

I say Good-bye with my lips, but not with my heart;

rather, I will leave my heart with You in the Tabernacle.

I will count your heartbeats and I will correspond with my heartbeat of love;

I will number your panting whispers and, to give You comfort,

I will let You rest in my arms.

I will be your vigilant sentry;

I will be on guard to see if anything comes to trouble or sadden You,

not only not to ever leave You alone, but also to take part in all of your pains.


O Heart of my heart! O Love of my love!

Leave this air of sadness, be consoled.

It breaks my heart to see You troubled.

While I say good-bye with my lips, I leave with you my breaths,

my affections, my thoughts, my desires and my movements,

which will form a chain of continuous acts of love, united with Yours,

surrounding You as a crown, and loving You for all.

Aren’t You happy, O Jesus? You seem to say Yes, don’t You?


Good-bye, oh Loving Prisoner –

but, I haven’t finished yet. Before I go,

I also want to leave my body before You;

I intend to make of my flesh

and bones many tiny little pieces in order to form as many lamps

for as many Tabernacles which exist in the world;

and of my blood many little flames to light those lamps.

I intend to put in every Tabernacle my lamp which,

united with the lamp of the Tabernacle that gives You light at night,

will say, I love You, I adore You, I bless You,

I offer reparation and I thank You for me and for all.


Good-bye, oh Jesus – but, listen to one more thing:

let’s make a pact, and the pact will be that we will love each other more.

You will give me more love, enclose me in your love,

make me live of love and bury me in your love.

Let’s tighten more our bond of love.

I will be happy only if You give me your love to be able to really love You.


Good-bye, oh Jesus, bless me – bless all.

Squeeze me to Your Heart, imprison me in your love as I kiss your Heart.

Good-bye, good-bye….


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