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Consecration to Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

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Oh Jesus, King of kings, 

 God of Goodness, God of Love, God of Mercy, 

I adore, I love, I thank, I glorify Your Most Holy Will

emanating from Your Omnipotence, guided by Your Wisdom,

accompanied by Your Goodness and Love. 

Everywhere and in every time, be it either in joy or in pain, 

may Your Most Holy Will, Your Divine Love, 

be the star that I gaze at, the law that governs me, 

the air that I breathe, the heartbeat of my heart, 

the substance or, better, the Life of my life. 

To such an end, I unite all my prayers and actions to Yours,

all my life to Yours, as well as to that of the Virgin Mother, 

of Saint Joseph and of all the Elect that have been, are now and shall ever be, 

with all good, past, present and future

which is real and possible in Heaven and on earth.

I consecrate and give all myself, 

what I have, what I am, what pertains to me,

what is dear to me, my life, my death, my eternity, 

all that You have created and will create 

by Your Supreme Volition, by Your Infinite Love.  

And I pray You, oh Infinite Wisdom, 

to inscribe me with indelible characters in Your adorable Heart

as the ardent and zealous child of Your Divine Volition, of Your pure Love. 

I make this donation in the Power of the Father, 

in the Wisdom of the Son, 

in the Virtue of the Holy Spirit, 

in my name, and in the name of all creatures 

to obtain the advent and the expansion of the Kingdom of the Divine Will, 

of Your Divine Love upon the earth. 

For pity’s sake, oh my Lord, 

grant that from every lip and from every heart there may continually be raised, 

as from a sacred altar, the prayer that You, Yourself, as the first, addressed to the Father, 




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