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"Woman, behold your son!": Mary at the cross (second part)

“The cross of My Divine Will is not made of wood, rather, it is a cross of light and of fire, which burns and consumes, and impresses itself in such a way as to form one single thing with one’s very nature”.

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Hanging from the tree of the cross, Christ reveals to us the passionate face of God who loves us very much. Mary is there, next to her son, and invites us to compare ourselves with the wisdom that comes from that absurd scaffold, to make it ours. Only in this way we will be able to fully enjoy life in all its aspects, without claiming to grasp the meaning of each event, entrusting the ability to listen, not as masters but as disciples of truth

Thus, at the center of our faith there is the cross, that is a reality that still today scandalizes. Being believers, disciples of Jesus, means bearing this scandal. Crucified Christ is shame and foolishness for those who are right-thinking. Jesus is God who becomes weakness, He loads on His shoulders all the evil of the world, He loves the one who does not deserve to be loved, the sinner and even the enemy. Christ on the cross wants to plunge us into Him and make us experience what is unspeakable and invisible. Therefore, the cross is not simply an instrument of death, but a reality with which we confront ourselves in faith, it is something to be embraced and loved. To be fully in God it is necessary that we die to ourselves, it is important to be crucified to defeat our egoism, to complete with our suffering what is lacking in the passion of Christ (Col 1.24). In short, to crucify the human will.

In a passage of November 28, 1923, Jesus told Luisa that the largest, the longest cross for His Humanity was the Divine Will. Even more, each act of the human will opposed to the Divine was a distinct cross which the Supreme Will impressed in His inmost Humanity. In fact, when the human will moves from the earth in order to act, the Divine moves from Heaven in order to encounter the human volition and make it one with Its own, so as to make torrents of grace, of light, of sanctity flow in that act.

But by not receiving the encounter with the Divine, the human will puts itself as though at war against its Creator, and rejects into the celestial regions the good, the light, the sanctity which He was about to pour upon it. So, the Supreme Will, offended, wanted to be repaid by Jesus, and in each act of the human will, It inflicted a cross upon Him; and even though, together with the cross, Jesus  received all the good rejected by them, in order to keep it deposited within Him for the time when the creature would dispose herself to receive into her acts the encounter with the Divine Will - in spite of this, Jesus could not exempt Himself from feeling the intense pain of so many crosses.

In Jesus’ interior there are many billions of crosses. Therefore, the crosses of the Divine Will were incalculable; Its pain was infinite, and Jesus moaned under the weight of an infinite pain. This infinite pain had such power as to give Him death at each instant, and to give Him a cross for each act of the human will opposed to the Divine.

The cross of the Divine Will is not made of wood, which only makes one feel the weight and the pain; rather, it is a cross of light and of fire, which burns and consumes, and impresses itself in such a way as to form one single thing with one’s very nature. If Jesus wanted to tell us of the cross which the Divine Will gave Him, He should braid all the acts of creatures, make them present to us, and let us touch with our own hand how God’s Will, demanding fair satisfaction, inflicted on Jesus cross upon cross.

Had it perhaps not been a human will that offended the Divine and broke up with It? So was now a Divine Will to crucify and cause pain to Jesus’ human nature and will. All the rest of man can be called superficial; the fount, the root, the substance of either evil or good is in the depth of his will. Therefore, only the Divine Will could make Jesus expiate the evil of so many human wills.

This is why Jesus wants Luisa all in His Will – to make known what this Divine Will has done, what It made Him suffer, what It wants to do. And this is why we are marked with many crosses of light – because our cross has been the Divine Will, which has changed everything into light in order to dispose us to be the children of the Divine Will, to whom Jesus will entrust the secrets, the joys and the sorrows of It as to faithful children, who, uniting ourselves to our acts, may open the Heavens to make It descend upon earth, and to make It known, received and loved


Beloved Cross,

I finally embrace you. You were

the longing of My Heart and the martyrdom of My love.

O Cross, up to this very moment I awaited you; My

steps were always directed toward you.

Holy Cross,

You are the goal of My desires and the purpose of My existence on earth.

 In you I concentrate My entire being and in you I place all of My children.

You will be their life, their light, their defense, their safeguard and their strength.

You will assist them in everything and will bring them gloriously to Me in Heaven

O Cross, pulpit of wisdom,

you alone will teach them true holiness,

and you alone will make of them heroes, athletes, martyrs and saints.

Beautiful Cross, you are My throne.

Since I must depart from this earth, you will remain in My stead.

In dowry, I bequeath to you all souls to protect and save them. To you I entrust all souls!”


 (From the 24 Hours of the Passion).


don Marco
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