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"Woman, behold your son!": In communion with Mary towards Jesus

“See how abundantly your Mama makes up for you, giving you all that is hers; even more, She feels honored that Her immense seas serve you, in order to impetrate a Kingdom so holy”.

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The Lord Jesus entrusts us to Mary Most Holy so that we too may become disciples of His mother. At the school of the Virgin Mary we can learn the words that are kept and meditated in her maternal heart, to listen to the will of the Lord, in silence, to be Church. We need the teaching of the little woman of Nazareth to become children and to know the Heavenly Father, through the gift of the  life in the Divine Will.

Often, however, our relationship with Maria is deficient, if not evanescent. The reason for this lies in the fact that we do not obey the command of Christ, we do not make room for Mary, we do not consider her as our mother, our unparalleled life companion and counselor. Since she has always lived in the Will of God, she knows the desires of God in our regard and can help us on our journey towards the Father. If we become familiar with her, trusting in her, listening to her, imitating her and letting ourselves be guided by her motherly hand, we will advance more decisively in God's love.

Our communion with the Virgin Mary is a journey that leads us to a profound union with Jesus. For this reason, if we do not let Mary enter into us, without opening us to her motherhood, we cannot live our faith well, our being disciples of the Lord. The Virgin represents the means that the Father has chosen to make the hour of our suffering more bearable. The little woman of Nazareth is there, under our crosses, she constantly reminds us that we are her children. She gives us the strength not to give in to the temptation of the dark, not to believe that we are alone and without hope, not to give up. Her suffering as a mother, pierced by the immeasurable pain of seeing her child die in an atrocious way, makes her fit to understand even the smallest fragment of our suffering.

Mary gave birth to us through painful pains under the cross of Christ her Son. We are born of that suffering, just as the Church was also born. Next to our Celestial Mama is the beloved disciple, who is waiting for the end of this birth with Her, the three longest days in history that will unfold in the immense joy of the Resurrection.

On November 2, 1926, in the diary of Luisa, it is said that the mission of the Virgin Mary was for the longed for Redeemer, and She fulfilled it perfectly. Everything that both She and Jesus did - its substance, its source and primary cause - was the Kingdom of the Divine Will. But since Redemption was necessary in order for this to come, though the Kingdom of the Fiat was inside our acts, on the outside we were all intent and occupied with the Kingdom of Redemption. On the other hand,  the mission of Luisa and that of the Children of the Divine Will is exclusively for the Kingdom of the Supreme Will, and everything that the Sovereign Queen and Jesus did, is at our disposal, to help us, to stand in for us, to give us access to the Divine Majesty in order to impetrate and ask, incessantly, for the coming of the Kingdom of the Eternal Fiat.

In order for us to receive the good of the longed for Redeemer, we should have done our part; but since at that time we were not there, our Celestial Mother stood in for us. Now we must stand in for Her, in Her part, for the Kingdom of the Divine Will. So, the Celestial Mother stood in for the daughter, and the daughter stands in for her Mother. More so, since the Queen of Heaven was the first daughter of the Divine Will, and because She always lived within God’s expanse, She formed Her own seas of love, of graces, of adoration, of light. Now, since we are the second children of the Divine Will, what is hers is ours, because our Mama keeps us as a birth from Herself, and She enjoys that Her children be inside Her own seas in order to impetrate the so longed for Kingdom of the Divine Fiat upon earth.

Therefore, we can see how abundantly our Mama makes up for us, giving us all that is hers; even more, She feels honored that Her immense seas serve us, in order to impetrate a Kingdom so holy.

don Marco
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