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Welcoming Jesus' Excesses of Love


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Despite the isolation that in these times we are forced to experience because of the emergency due to the Codiv-19 pandemic, we wish to be united in prayer and close to the heart of our brothers of the Divine Will scattered throughout the world, sharing the testimony of some pilgrims who came to visit the house museum of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta before the spread of the infection.

Larry and Cynthia come from St. Peterburg, a city in Florida; they have known the Divine Will for about two years and since then they have been attending a cenacle, twice a week, where they meditate on the Servant of God's writings.

We came to Corato - they said - to go deeper into the truths, the message and the teachings of the Divine Will, by being close to the place where Adorable Jesus spoke to Luisa and walk the path where she gave her life to Jesus for all of us.

Jesus is our Prisoner of Love in the Eucharistic Tabernacle, Cynthia continues to tell us.  How do I express my love and gratitude? By accepting the nine excesses of love that led Him to become incarnate, by accepting the love of our Celestial Mother and then by  giving them back this love.

I remember that in a passage from December 26, 1923, Jesus tells Luisa that for one who does the Divine Will it is always Christmas. As the soul enters the Divine Will, Jesus is conceived in her act, as she goes on performing her act, He carries out His life, as she completes it, Jesus rises again and the soul remains conceived in Him, carries out her life in His and rises again in the same acts of Jesus....

I love Luisa because she shows me (us) how to give our everything to Jesus,  the Holy Divine Will of our Eternally Good, Triune God, and  Queen  Blessed Mama Mary. There are many days - Cynthia concludes – I struggle with my Cross, and sometimes get weary, but then I think of all that Luisa did and gave to Jesus and this gives me great encouragement! I love the Divine Will, as life itself...I burn with love for the Divine Will, I feel that love and accept it in me


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