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We arrived as pilgrims but we left as family members

Testimony from Germany

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Hi, my name is Enza and I come from Marigliano, a town in the province of Naples. I live since I was 13 in Munich, Bavaria. In February, I learned about Luisa Piccarreta through a German priest (Father Klaus), who organizes catechesis and prayers on the Divine Will. At the beginning I hardly understood anything, but after a while, also through the help of people who have been on this journey for years, I discovered the wonder of living fully with Jesus. I came to Corato with a group of German pilgrims from Munich, led by Father Klaus. The Staff of the Association, Suor Assunta and Don Sergio have put themselves completely at our disposal, answering our fundamental questions and welcoming us with great affection.

Praying at the tomb of Luisa and visiting her home, her room, her bed where for years the servant of God stayed, strengthened in me the will to study the great gift of the "Divine Will". Father Klaus repeats to me that it is a Grace to be able to learn the Divine Will; we must first liberate our hearts, set aside reason and logic and open ourselves completely to the great mystery of God. We arrived as pilgrims and we left as family members, participants in a beautiful family full of the Holy Spirit.

During these 8 months I also met people who spread the Divine Will with plot twists, apparitions of the Virgin Mary, personal messages about great missions to be carried out, attacks by the enemy and prophecies about the future. Beware of false prophets! Divine Will is something genuine without any magic and intoxicating effects. We must always have the Association as a point of reference and keep close contacts with it in Corato because it is the sure source to know and study the Divine Will!

Father Klaus organizes catechesis and prayers every 3 weeks in German. Since a a few months ago, we meet once a month, together with 4 friends and our priest Father Vincenzo of the Italian Catholic mission in Monaco,.

I warmly thank Don Sergio, Sister Assunta, Giuseppe and the Staff of the Association, for making our pilgrimage an experience rich in God's love, hospitality and providence!

Enza Raimo
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