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We are the outpouring and the amusement of God’s love

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Yesterday, like every morning, as soon as I woke up I thanked the Lord for the light that illuminates my room and, abandoning myself completely in Jesus, I asked for myself and for everyone that the Light of the Divine Will may illuminate all the lives of men so that every act may bear the imprint of the Light of God's love.

It is wonderful to live in the Light of the Divine Will but there are times in our lives when this Light is dimmed.... .only trust gives space to grace and when there is not this trust and abandonment in Him, we become poor.

In fact, on this day, which seemed like so many others, I was put to the test, but God's mercy is always at work, especially if in us, in our souls, pure love predominates, without any interest in what material is upsetting the serenity of the day. It is necessary to raise our eyes to Heaven and unite the suffering we experience  with that of our Mother and Jesus who always give us riches of infinite value but often we are ungrateful, and we do not take them but prefer to take refuge in material goods that are momentary joys and without resources.

The answer was not long in coming and once again I realized that I am “ the outpouring and the amusement” of the love of Jesus and Mary and that we are called in the Divine Will to reknit the many broken threads that unite Heaven and Earth.

Only in this way will Jesus be able to say to each of us what He said to Luisa on April 10, 1912:

“the souls who will shine the most, like bright gems in the crown of my mercy, are the souls who have more trust… [they ] are the outpouring and the amusement of my love, the ones who receive more graces, and the richest.”

Luciana Iannone

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- 3/29/2021
Buongiorno Fiat, proprio adesso da poco leggevo;... Perciò sii contento di tutto: Contento di essere così fragile e di cadere tanto spesso... Contento persino delle tue difficoltà a sentire la mia voce... Questa tua contentezza costante é la prova più sicura che tu vuoi realmente "lasciarti amare da me" Aiutami Maria a lasciarmi, affidarmi alle tue mani premurose e lasciare tutto nel tuo cuore, questa giornata che inizia, grazie Dio, tutti doni, pace