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Triumph of love


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LUISA, wonderful star of creation,

you will always shine in the firmament of Corato,


one day the people of Corato, after long torpor,

will hymn to thee with true ardor,


for the great light of the Divine Will

will overshadow all other knowledge.


You are and will be our guardian angel,

one day all will love thee


and will call this soil "blessed"

because it gave birth to you, "broken bread."


You are the greatest heroine of all time,

You fill us with holiness through the Divine Will,


O little daughter of the Divine Will!

you are great for all and for our city


By the path of FIAT indicated by you

One day may all call thee blessed.


Thank you oh Holy Virgin Mary,

for this great "pious" daughter of yours,


thank you, Jesus, on behalf of all of Corato

for the great gift you have given us.


One day Corato will rise to great fame,

for it is the land that GOD ab aeterno loves,


He set his gaze on CORATO in that month of April

on the morning of the 23rd in 1865, so that humanity could "flourish again."


It was Sunday in Albis, truly a godincidence...!

GOD manifested His Power with Mercy.


Tonia Abbattista
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