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“Tota pulchra es, Maria”

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The name of Mary is a sweetest and ineffable name that always goes together with that of Jesus. People once used to said  "Jesus and Mary” to express a greeting. The answer to this greeting was “now and forever”.

God had decreed  the sweet names of Jesus and Mary for the Son and Mother from the beginning before the ages and that He had engraved them on His eternal memories and had been delighted with them creating all things for them.

After the name of Jesus, as St. Paul wrote (Phil 2.8 to 11): "God has highly exalted Christ and given Him the name which is above every name," there is no sweeter name, more consoling, more powerful than that of Mary, the name before which angels bow reverently, the earth rejoices, hell trembles. Thanks to Her love will triumph "et portae hell shall not praevalebunt adversum eam" (Mt 16:18).

The name of  Mary is derived from "sea", from the Hebrew " Miryam", suitable name to express the superabundance of graces scattered upon Her. Like all rivers flow into the ocean, so all the treasures of heavenly graces, all the prerogatives and charismas were poured upon the soul of the Virgin at the moment of Her conception.

In fact Jesus said to Luisa that the immaculate conception of His beloved Mother was prodigious and all marvelous; so much so, that Heaven and earth were astonished and made feast. All Three Divine Persons competed among Themselves: the Father poured out an immense sea of power; Jesus, the Son, poured out an infinite sea of wisdom, and the Holy Spirit, an immense sea of eternal love, which, merging into one, formed one single sea. This sea remained around Her - not only to keep Her defended from anything which might shadow Her, but to give Her, in every instant, new beauties, new graces, power, wisdom, love, privileges. So, Her little nature was conceived in the center of this sea, and was formed and grew under the influence of these divine waves.

There is no beauty, nor value, nor prodigies that can compare to the Immaculate Conception of this Celestial Creature, The omnipotent Fiat made of Her a new Creation, oh how much more beautiful, more prodigious than the first.

The Creation of the universe was created by God in admirable way, and is maintained by God under the empire of His creative and conservative act, without adding on other, instead in this Virgin God maintains the creative, conservative and growing act, this is the prodigy of prodigies, the life of the Divine Volition reborn in Her.

As soon as the Supreme Fiat conceived the Virgin Mary, It endowed Her with divine reason in a way that in the very instant, that same Divine Will which reigned in the Three Divine persons began to reign in Her and Mary Knew the grave evils of the human will in Adam and in all his progeny, She cried bitterly and with hot tears over fallen man and above all She comprehended the grave offense that is given to God,. Therefore by love toward her Creator, She swore never to do Her will, She took Her human will  and  bound it to the foot of the Divine Throne, in continuous homage of love and sacrifice.

The Divinity in seeing in this Holy creature the Divine Will as reborn, participated His divine rights to Her, in a way that She was mistress of the love, power, wisdom and goodness of God, and Queen of the Divine Fiat. She enraptured God, loved Him so much so that She arrived to love Him for everyone, and covered all creatures,

The Heavens remain mute before this Conception; the Angels seem to stutter, only God can speak of it, because he is the Author of the prodigy which He worked.

The Conception of the Immaculate Virgin was a new act of the Divine Will, that is in time, new in the way, new in the time, new in the grace; in Her was renewed all the Creation.  in order to love her with new love and in order to put to security everyone and everything

God realized what He had promised in announcing the woman clothed with the sun (Rev. 12:1 to 6) so God, prefiguring Mary, announced His mercy to men.  When Mary says in the Magnificat "He has helped his servant Israel, remembering his mercy" (Lk 1.54), She reveals the plan of God upon Herself and humanity.

As the Divine Volition entered as dominant King in Her human volition, the chains of the great divine prodigies began in this sublime creature, the uncreated strength re-poured itself in the created strength but so much so that She could sustain as if She might be a piece of straw all the Creation, Her strength was so much that She reigned over everyone, even over her Creator, She was invincible, that with the force of the Divine Fiat She conquered everyone and everything,

All the Supreme Being flowed in this created will and the infinite love poured itself into the finite love. So that with the conception of this Great Queen the true life of God began in the creature, and the life of her in God.

In the Litany dedicated to the Virgin,  Mary is called "the Gate of Heaven." In fact She formed the door of Heaven to make the Eternal Word descend from Heaven,  She prepared  for him the way and the room of Her breasts and also formed the door and the way to bring the souls to the Celestial Fatherland.

Therefore, the birth of the Virgin Mary encloses all wonders, all prodigies united together,  because She was not born alone, the pure one, the holy one, the beautiful one, the Immaculate one, but together with the Celestial Mother was born in Her the DIVINE WILL already conceived, and enclosed in Her

The Divine Will was born together with Her in the world.



Tonia Abbattista
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