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“To the pandemic caused by the virus, we want to respond with the universality of prayer”.

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Sunday, March 22, 2020, from the Library of the Apostolic Palace, Pope Francis at the end of the Angelus asked all Christians to join their voices in prayer to Heaven and to respond to the virus pandemic with the universality of Prayer.

The Little Children of the Divine Will welcome the invitation by the Holy Father to pray 'the Our Father' on 25 March at noon (Italian time).

March 25 is the Feast of 'Yes', it is the Feast of the Fiat Mihi of Mary and of the 'Here I am' by Jesus.

As Sr Assunta reminds us, 'this feast is a fundamental part of our associative family' In fact, every year, on March 25, the Association Little Children of the Divine Will begins the meditation of the nine "Excesses", with which Luisa, since the age of seventeen, prepared herself for Holy Christmas, honoring for nine hours a day the nine months that Jesus was in Mary's womb.

To make meditation easier, the Association divides the novena over nine months (from March to November), with a community prayer day, on the 25th of each month, during which we refer to the corresponding Excess.

Below is a small invitation by Sr Assunta to all of us:

Dear ones, our soul has no limits so even in the trial it can rise to the supernatural with God and in God. Faith will give us strength and light, while the Holy Spirit will heal every wound.

On the 25th of March, in addition to orienting our thoughts towards Jesus in the Sacrament at 6:00 p.m. (Italian time) while remaining in our own place, we will gather with our hearts, spirit and will in the Chapel of our association where Jesus awaits us to renew our 'yes' together with that of Mary, in the Will of the Father and begin the journey of the Excesses.

With the First Excess which is the Trinitarian Excess we want to implore from the Most Holy Trinity, light and conversion for all humanity in these difficult times.

With great affection and spiritual closeness".

Sr Assunta

Let us all unite in the invocation of mercy: Thy Kingdom come!

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