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Praying With Persistence – No prayer will remain unheard

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In the catechesis of Pope Francis on the Our Father at the General Audience, in the Paul VI Audience Hall , a very important passage is the invitation to pray with persistence, as Jesus teaches the disciples in the Gospel of Luke (see Lk 11: 9- 13).

We can be certain that God will answers our prayers, that no prayer will remain unheard,  because God is first of all a Father! He is not a master or a stepfather. If the fathers of Luke's parable know how to give good gifts to their children, how much more the Heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him, as Jesus promised.

Prayer - the Pope ensures - transforms reality or our heart through the gift of the Holy Spirit. If things around us do not change, at least we change; but always, however, something changes. Let’s learn from Jesus who is prayerful man as we can see from different Gospel episodes ... Jesus prays for each of us, before the Father, so that our faith may not fail.

The whole life of Jesus is immersed  in a climate of prayer to the Father. A prayer that seems to allay even the most violent emotions, as in the hours of His Passion. Henceforth, praying is victory over solitude and desperation..

This is why Jesus asks us to persist, even when it seems that our prayers remain unheard. We can be certain that God will respond - the Pope remembers - The only uncertainty is due to time, but let us not doubt that he will respond… Perhaps we will have to persist for our whole life, but he will respond!

Pope Francis concluded his catechesis with a beautiful image that represents the earthly journey of each of us, of those who preceded us and of those who will come after us. It was the experience made by our Luisa:

There is nothing more certain: the desire for happiness which we all carry in our heart will one day be fulfilled... It is like seeing every fragment of creation teeming amid the listlessness of a history whose meaning we sometimes fail to grasp. But it is in motion, it is on a journey, and at the end of every road, what is there at the end of our road? At the end of prayer, at the end of the time in which we are praying, at life’s end: what is there? There is a Father who awaits everything and everyone with arms wide open!



Look for the Divine Will in everything,

and your being will become continuous prayer, in everything.

It is not the words that form  prayer,

but our union with the Divine Will.

And, then, everything is sacred,

everything  is holy, everything is prayer in us.

(From Luisa’s letters - 1935)


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