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“The Mother of Jesus is my Mother, and this Mother so sweet, lovable, loving, gives Her beloved Son to each one of us as pledge of Her maternal love”

“The Mother of Jesus is my Mother, and this Mother so sweet, lovable, loving, gives Her beloved Son to each one of us as pledge of Her maternal love”

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At the time of Jesus' highest sacrifice, John represents all the disciples. He is called to receive Mary as a priceless good and to recognize her precious and extraordinary role in the Church's experience of faith. In fact, Mary within the Church will practice a new motherhood in regard to Jesus, making Him grow and bearing witness to Him with her presence, her words and the riches of her inner life. For this reason, the expression "took her into his home" is reductive, it does not fully explain the meaning of the gesture that is requested and performed. The place where the disciple John welcomes Mary is not simply his home, but his environment, the space of his relationships and the sharing of faith, in short his Christian community.

So, the beloved disciple represents every man who opens himself to faith. In this way, he realizes that he is the recipient of the Father's mercy and lets himself be loved by Christ. He thus becomes a son in the Son of God, brother of and in Jesus and receives as a gift the maternal custody of Mary.

The Virgin becomes part of the faith heritage of every believer, an intimate and personal reality, a precious treasure from which we should draw the wisdom necessary to follow Jesus. For the true disciple, the motherhood of the little woman of Nazareth, it is not a question of devotionism, but it finds its foundation in the Will of God which is expressed in the supreme moment of death on the cross, and is the precious heritage of Jesus. As the beloved disciple, we should open ourselves with faith to the words of Jesus on the cross and fulfilling His spiritual testament, becoming children of Mary, that is, we should welcome her as our Mother. If we make Christ become our life, let Him live in us, we will be for Mary like Jesus, she will consider us as her son.

The Virgin will bring us to Jesus and our eyes will contemplate Him. The little woman of Nazareth does not want us to fix our eyes on her, but with her in Jesus.

It is the most beautiful gift that the Lord could give to the Church: a sublime creature, the first one who lives in the Divine Will and who by virtue of her motherhood makes us sharers in her life.

On August 15, 1928, Jesus told Luisa that the glory of the Virgin Mary is insuperable. No one else in the celestial regions possesses seas of graces, of light, seas of beauty and of sanctity, seas of power, of science and of love; and what is more, She possesses these seas within the endless sea of Her Creator. The other inhabitants of the blessed Fatherland possess, at most, some, little rivulets some, little drops, some, little fountains. She is the only one, because She alone lived life in the Divine Fiat. Never did the human volition take place in Her – Her life was all of Divine Will; and by virtue of It, She centralized all creatures within Herself, conceiving them in Her maternal Heart, and bilocating Her Son Jesus as many times, to give Him to each creature whom She had conceived within Her virginal Heart.

This is why Her Maternity is extended to all, and all can boast and say: ‘The Mother of Jesus is my Mother, and this Mother so sweet, lovable, loving, gives Her beloved Son to each one of us as pledge of Her maternal love.’ Only the Divine Will could give Her this virtue of conceiving all creatures as Her children, and of multiplying Her Jesus so many times for as many children as She had.

Now, in Heaven, the height of the Sovereign Mother, possessing Her seas, does nothing but raise highest waves of light, of sanctity, of love, etc., unloading them over the throne of the Supreme Being who, so as not to be surpassed by Her love, having His own sea, more extensive and more deep, forms His own waves, higher, from beneath the seas of the Virgin Queen, and pours them upon Her. And She prepares more waves, and God yet more, in such a way that the whole of Heaven remains flooded by these waves of light, of beauties, of love and the like - so much so, that all take part in them and enjoy. And in seeing that they, that is, the Blessed, cannot form these waves because they do not possess seas, they comprehend that if their Mother and Queen possesses all this, it is because She formed Her life and sanctity in the Divine Will.

So, in the Virgin, the Saints know what Sanctity of Divine Will in the creature means, and therefore they long for more creatures to bring these seas into the Celestial Fatherland, so as to see more waves being formed, enchanting and of greater enjoyment for them. The earth does not yet know the Sanctity in the Divine Will, and this is why Jesus so much yearns to make It known; but It is well known to Heaven because there is the Sovereign Queen who, by merely seeing Her, makes Herself revealer of the Sanctity of the Fiat. So, by virtue of It, She was portent of graces on earth for Herself and for the whole human family, and She is portent of glory in the Celestial Fatherland, nor can any other creature be said to be similar to Her.


don Marco
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