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The Lord’s prayer

It is a filial prayer

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During the general audience of May 15, 2019, Pope Francis focused on the last invocation of the Our Father, "but deliver us from evil". He emphasized an essential characteristic of it:

The Lord’s prayer is a filial prayer and not a childish prayer. It does not close its eyes to life. It is not so infatuated with God’s paternity as to forget that mankind’s journey is filled with difficulties… Jesus teaches his friends to place the invocation of the Father above all else, also and especially in moments in which the evil one makes his threatening presence felt… If the last verses of the “Our Father” were not there, how could sinners, the persecuted, the desperate, the dying, pray? The last petition is precisely the petition we make when we are at the limit, always.

The evil one tends to grab hold of us and bite us (cf. 1 Pt 5:8), the devil prowls around us like a roaring lion, to devour us. In some moments it seems to prevail: on some days it presence seems even more evident than God’s mercy.

We learn from the history books about the spread of evil in the world - the Pope continued. Often our failures are the testimony of a mysterious and silent evil that creeps into our life, wearing it down and even involving the lives of others.

Christians implore to be delivered from evil, as they recognize the presence of the evil one and his threat ... They can clearly see before their eyes this evil that is so cumbersome, and so contradictory to God’s mercy itself. They perceive it in nature, in history, even in their own heart. Because -Pope Francis explained- there are none among us who can say they are exempt from evil.

(General Audience May15, 2019)

The last invocation of Our Father holds out against this rampant evil. Jesus, in His Humanity, took all our woes upon Himself. He repeats this for us in the prayer of the Our Father, so that we too can pray with Him, and in Him "Father, deliver us from evil!", The evil that is inside and outside of us ... but always Your Will be done !.

My daughter, my pains kiss your pains, hug them…They identify your sufferings with mine,. In my Will, things - and the pains too - remained changed, and from human things they become divine. I feel that it is not the creature who suffers them, but I Myself repeat my Life within her, along with the court of my sufferings. This is why I called them ‘My pains’. If you only knew what I do with these pains...! I place them between Heaven and earth as perennial Glory and Love to my Celestial Father; as defense and refuge of the creatures; as regret for those who offend Me; as a cry of Love to those who do not love Me; as light for those who do not know Me. In sum, I make them do all the offices of good needed for the creatures. Therefore, let Me operate; these are works which your Jesus wants to do, and I can do them in the one who lives in my Will”. (Volume XXXV-March 16, 1938)


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