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The Lord’s Prayer

We have to exclude the possibility that God is the protagonist of the temptations

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Let no one say when he is tempted, ‘I am tempted by God’(James 1:13).

At the general audience of May 1, 2019, Pope Francis  reflected on the penultimate invocation of the Our Father: “Lead us not into temptation”. Another version says: “let us not fall into temptation”.  The Pope explained that it is with this penultimate invocation that our dialogue with the heavenly Father gets, so to speak, to the heart of the drama: that is, to the matter of the contrast between our freedom and the pitfalls of evil.

Although all the modern translations are a little lame, - the Pope said-  we can agree unanimously on one element: however one understands the text, we have to exclude the possibility that God is the protagonist of the temptations that loom over mankind’s journey…One such interpretation contrasts first and foremost with the text itself, and is far from the image of God that Jesus revealed to us. Let us not forget: the “Our Father” begins with “Father”. And a father does not lay snares for his children. Then the Pope quoted the letter of James, remembering that God tempts no one (1:13),  but — as Jesus teaches —when evil appears in people’s lives, God fights beside them, so they may be freed from it.

The Pope continued:  A God who always fights for us, not against us.  In trials and temptations God is always with us ... in Jesus, He manifests Himself as the "God-with-us". He is with us when He gives life… He is with us in joy; He is with us in trials… He is with us in defeat when we sin. But He is always with us, because He is Father and cannot abandon us… He will never abandon us! (General audience of 1st May 2019)

God loves us!

God's love is a love that we do not yet know. We still fail to fully understand His Will to love, because It goes beyond our limits. God loves beyond measure the man He created. God created man to love him. God wants to give man salvation, so that man can be inseparable from God:

My daughter, man was created to be inseparable from God; and if He is not known and loved, it is precisely because they think that God is the Being far away from man, as if we had nothing to do – either he with Us, or God with him. To believe Him far away causes God to be dispersed from man, and everything I had in creating him. Our Divinity is not far away, but close – even more, inside of man, and in all his acts We are actors and spectators. Therefore, Our sorrow is great in seeing that the creatures consider Us and believe that We are far away from them, and therefore they neither know Us nor love Us. To think of Us as far away is the deadly iron that kills the love of the creature toward the Creator…And We are forced to repeat:

‘We are with them - inside of them,

and it seems that they do not know Us;

and while their love, their will, by not loving Us, are far away from Us,

they say that We are far away from them.’”

(Vol. XXVIII-November 30, 1930)


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- 11/1/2019
I am so grateful for these extraordinary lessons. Thank you and all who work so tirelessly for the elevation of Luisa. Sherry Leonard, Tallahassee Florida USA.
- 10/31/2019
☀️dai libri di cielo di Gesù a Luisa Piccarreta☀️..., *quando l’uomo avrà mangiato il pane della mia Volontà come lo mangiava la mia Umanità, allora le virtù saranno assorbite nella mia Volontà e riceveranno l’impronta del vero eroismo e di virtù divine, saranno come tanti fiumicelli che sbucheranno dal seno del gran mare della mia Volontà. E se soggiunsi: “E non c’indurre in tentazione”. Come mai Iddio lo poteva indurre in tentazione? Era perché l’uomo è sempre uomo, libero da sé stesso, perché Io non gli tolgo mai i diritti che nel crearlo gli ho dato, e lui, spaventato e temendo di sé, grida tacitamente, prega senza esprimersi in parole: “Dacci il pane della tua Volontà, affinché possiamo respingere tutte le tentazioni, ed in virtù di questo pane liberaci da ogni male. Così sia. Fiat☀️