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The first visit of Archbishop Leonardo D'Ascenzo to Luisa Piccarreta's house

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On Monday April 23rd the Association Little Children of the Divine Will spent a festive afternoon, when on the occasion of the 153th anniversary of the birth of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, she welcomed the new Archbishop, Mgr. Leonardo D'Ascenzo, for the first time, in the house of the little daughter of the Divine Will.


At first, the Archbishop was welcomed by the group of "sparks", the children of the great family of the Divine Will. With a song and a few simple sentences on God’s gifts, Love and Will, they immediately gained the sympathy of the Bishop.

Dapprima, il gruppo delle “faville” cioè i bambini della grande famiglia della Divina Volontà, dette a lui il benvenuto. Con un canto e con poche e semplici frasi sui doni di Dio, sull’ Amore e Volontà,  essi conquistarono da subito le simpatie del Vescovo.


Later, Michele Colonna, the president of the Association Little Children of the Divine Will greeted the Archbishop on behalf of the whole association. He emphasized how that meeting was desired, by virtue of a bond that Luisa always had with the Church and the bishops who had known her. He also added that the presence of the Archbishop at the side of the little children of the Divine Will has always been important and vital: We need a pastor who helps us to walk in communion with the Church, towards holiness, in the footsteps of Luisa's spirituality and her example of obedience to her ministers.


Archbishop D'Ascenzo welcomed and reciprocated that joyful and warm welcome with great simplicity and serenity. He said he was surprised by that and was pleased to hear "the familiar bond that Luisa had with the Church, with her bishop and priests; this is an invitation to live among us family relationships, because the Church is a family and we are its members ».

Con molta semplicità e serenità, Mons. D’Ascenzo accolse e condivise questa gioiosa e calorosa accoglienza di cui egli affermò di esserne sorpreso. Egli si compiacque nel sentire «il familiare legame  che Luisa aveva con la Chiesa, con il proprio vescovo, i sacerdoti; questo è un invito a vivere  le relazioni familiari fra di noi, perché la Chiesa è una famiglia e della quale noi siamo i componenti».

For this reason, Luisa is an example for us - the bishop continued - as well as the little ones, these children are an example. They, as they themselves said, are waiting to grow because they believe they haven’t a heart capable of understanding God and His Will. But Jesus' invitation is precisely to become small, to become children to enter the Kingdom of Heaven (cf. Mt 18: 1-5).

Luisa, in questo, è un esempio per noi - il vescovo ha continuato – come  anche i piccolini, questi bambini ci sono di esempio.  Essi, come loro stessi hanno detto, aspettano di crescere poiché essi ritengono di non avere un cuore capace di comprendere Dio e la Sua Volontà. Ma l’invito di Gesù è proprio a diventare piccoli, a divenire bambini per entrare nel Regno dei Cieli (cfr Mt 18,1-5).


Immediately afterwards, the archbishop, accompanied by don Sergio Pellegrini, ecclesiastical assistant of the public association of the faithful  “Little Children of the Divine Will”, by don Marco Cannavò and the members of the Board of Directors, visited the House-Museum of Luisa Piccarreta. During the visit, through the furnishings, personal effects, photos and objects that were shown, don Sergio illustrated to him the life and spirituality of this firstborn of the Divine Will until the day of her funeral on March 4, 1947.

Bishop D’Ascenzo also visited the permanent exhibition that the late Monsignor Pichierri inaugurated exactly one year ago, in Via A. Mario, and that he himself defined as "Seed of the Kingdom of the Divine Will". In this place Sister Assunta Marigliano wanted to gather other news, photos and objects concerning the life of Luisa Piccarreta, the history of the Association and of the Cause of Beatification of the Servant of God, in a kind of pathway to continuously inform and update the pilgrim or the visitor.

The Archbishop, with the curiosity and genuine wonder of the one who makes new discoveries, observed that place and continued in the knowledge of the Divine Will, perceiving its diffusion in the world. Then he leafed through the photo album that the Association wished to dedicate to him from the day of his episcopal ordination. Finally, he wrote his message of good wishes so that, all of us following Luisa's example, can reach the fullness of our life, following the path of holiness and beatitudes.


At 7.00 pm, in the Church of Santa Maria Greca, Archbishop Monsignor Leonardo D'Ascenzo presided over the Eucharistic celebration in the presence of numerous faithful. There were also many private associations, religious people and Divine Will groups from various cities in Italy: Turin, Talamello, Carpegna, Imola, Como, Rome, Benevento, S. Giovanni Rotondo, Cosenza, Palo del Colle and foreign countries: Colombia, California, Florida, Canada, New York and surroundings, Australia.

At the beginning of Holy Mass, don Sergio Pellegrini shared the Bishop with the presence of the brothers who came on the occasion. They wished to live the 153th anniversary of the birth of the Servant of God with the whole Association Little Children of the Divine Will of Corato and the new Pastor to whom they wanted to give their personal welcome. "We seem to be able to embrace the whole earth with one glance or, as Luisa would say, to be able to travel for all the nations and peoples of the world" - Don Sergio said – “It is nice to start all together from the Eucharistic table, because it is the table to which the Lord invites all peoples to realize the new and eternal covenant, fulfilling the coming of His Kingdom. On this table the commandment of mutual love is engraved and we are not afraid to say that we are and we want to become more and more the family of the Divine Will

A family, which finally, in its diocese, regained its Pastor with whom to walk in unity, as children of the Holy Mother Church desired by Christ and entrusted to the Pope, to his ministers, bishops and priests. "There is no life in the Divine Will - Don Sergio highlighted again - that it is not the life of the Church, a life that sprouts and grows in obedience to our bishops and with them to the Pope".


A beautiful life!

In his homily, Bishop D'Ascenzo highlighted the beauty of the life of Jesus’s disciple. "Jesus is the Good Shepherd. He is the true, authentic Shepherd to whom we can entrust our lives. But Jesus is also beautiful, the Son of God is beautiful and makes all things beautiful. His message is beautiful, His Word is beautiful, His Life is beautiful, as is the life of each disciple who sets out to follow Him. Who opens his heart and mind to the Divine Will becomes beautiful because he grows and matures in beauty, a beauty understood as a gift that comes from above, from the heart of God. We become beautiful when we accept what God has in His heart for each of us. This is the Divine Will. "


The life in the Divine Will is a life that passes through the door that is Christ, as just proclaimed in the Gospel: "Jesus presents Himself through the image of the Door - the Bishop continued - He is the gate of the fold. The one who is at home crosses this door, entering and leaving, not the thief. The sheepfold is the family, the people of God, it is the Church ". Jesus is the Door that inevitably each of us, as His disciple,  must cross to enter the great family of the Church, "to experience all the beauty that is within it: the Celebration of Mass, the times when we gather in prayer, and when we are in intimacy with the Lord Jesus. But, then, we are also called to come out from  this "fold", through Jesus, to announce Him to others, to those whom He allows us to meet ... in the troubles or in joys of every day. This is the way of holiness that each of us is called to walk ", every day, as parents, workers, consecrated and sick people, none excluded.


Then the Bishop concluded with a final reflection: Pope Francis, through the teaching of Jesus, invites us to set out on the path of holiness, proposing the way of the Beatitudes (cf. Mt 5: 3-11). The full, joyful life is for all of us who walk the earthly paths, that are not always easy, also included suffering. Jesus proclaims “blessed”  all of us and the Beatitudes that Jesus proposes to us passes through these ways. But we can only reach the Beatitudes if we experience them as a family, as a Church, through Jesus who is the Door, the indispensable point of reference for an extraordinary experience of holy life.


After the Eucharistic Celebration, the Archbishop received the messages of greeting that the various Divine Will groups around the world sent to him from their countries of origin, through videos or photos.  Moreover, he welcomed the gift from the Association Little Children of the Divine Will concerning the writings of Luisa Piccarreta on the Divine Will, “the great unknown” as Jesus Himself reveals to Luisa in her writings.


Before the final greetings, Bishop Leonardo D'Ascenzo said that the Divine Will is really still “the great unknown”, and for lack of acceptance and disposition on our part, it will remain so. Then, with great humility, he thanked everyone and confessed that in the afternoon he was introduced into a path that was new for him. He also said that all that helped him enter the knowledge of Luisa and the Divine Will, yet unknown to him. “It is a path that engages our whole life, seeking and welcoming the Divine Will, as far as it is possible for us. It is a journey forever, to get ever more abundantly what is contained in the heart of God”.



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