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The first letter of St. John: Eternal life has been revealed in Christ (part three)

“It is merely by breathing, palpitating and moving, in the fullness of joy that the soul, always united to my Will, brings ever new joys from breathing in her own will”

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We write this to make our[a] joy complete

(1 John 1:4)

"We write this": if the purpose of the Christian proclamation is communion in its twofold dimension (ecclesial and Trinitarian), the result of that communion is joy, the sign of a full and fulfilled life. What John is talking about in this statement of purpose are the various teachings that are contained in the letter.  The teachings present in the first 7 verses are very strong and disruptive; they, being a synthesis of the whole writing, are to be considered as a wonderful Prologue of the whole letter.

" to make our[a] joy complete": based on his personal experience, the author can announce that the fruit of communion is the joy of all (ours: both witnesses and listeners) and not just any happiness, but full, perfect and totally fulfilling joy.

 S. Augustine, in this regard, comments: "John affirms that there is fullness of joy precisely in the life of communion, precisely in charity and unity" (Meditations, 48). The words of Christ spoken at the Last Supper echo here: "I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete. " (Jn 15:11 and cf. also Jn 15:11; 16:24; 17:13; 2 Jn 12). Life, communion and joy: these are three wonderful words that are synonymous with love and salvation: living, communicating and rejoicing are truly paradise on earth as it is in heaven. Those who truly experience God-Love taste the greatest happiness deriving from a security that is not based on human strength, but on the infinite and sweetest divine grace. Are we also sharers in this true joy in order to be its apostles?

On April 15, 1938 Jesus told Luisa how beautiful it is to live in the Divine Will! As the soul enters It, she breathes with God’s breathing, beats with His heartbeat, and moves in His motion. In communion with all, she does what the Angels, the Saints and all created things do, and makes everybody do what she is doing. The wonders contained in the Divine Will are astonishing; the scenes are so touching and unique as to capture everybody, making all attentive in enjoying them. Who knows what they would do to enjoy, as spectators, such delightful scenes from this soul who lives in the Divine Will.

As the soul enters the Divine Will, she breathes, palpitates and moves in God’s motion; but she does not lose her own breath, heartbeat and motion, although it is never detached from that of God. Since the Divine Will is everywhere and circulates more than the breathing, heartbeat and motion of all, then, what happens? The Angels and the Saints, God’s very Divinity, and the whole creation, together with the Divine Will, feel the breathing and the heartbeat of the creature within them. They all feel her moving inside, even to the center of their souls. They are full of happiness, of new unspeakable joys, which the pilgrim soul brings to each Blessed; since this soul is not enjoying - but suffering and conquering with her free will. It is merely by breathing, palpitating and moving, in the fullness of joy that the soul, always united to the Divine Will, brings ever new joys from breathing in her own will. And since it is the free will that forms the conquering act of the creature, she gives God this new conquering flavor. Oh, how happy the Blessed, God’s Divinity, and the whole Creation remain - and in an emphasis of love and fullness of joy they say: ‘Who is breathing, palpitating and moving in us? Who, from the earth, is bringing the conquering act of pure joys - of new love, that we do not have in Heaven, and that makes us so happy - increasing in us our reciprocating love?’ And all in chorus: ‘It is a soul who lives in the Divine Will on earth.’ What prodigies! what wonders! how enchanting the scenes! - a breathing that breathes in all, even in its Creator - that moves in all, even through Heaven, in the stars, in the Sun, in the air, in the wind, in the ocean. It takes everything in hand in its own motion, and gives to God love and adoration - all that everyone should give but has never given. She gives to all her God - His love, His Will; and she brings everything to God - and God to everybody”

Even if not all creatures would take God, He remains equally loved and glorified, because such is the fullness of one act, one motion in the Divine Will, that all those creatures remain as many little drops of water before an immense ocean - like many little flames before the great light of the Sun. This motion, breathing and palpitating of the creature in the Divine Will abounds in all - hugs Eternity. Suns and oceans are formed, so immense that they can give God everything; and even if others do not accept this life, they remain so small that it is as if they didn’t exist.


“Oh, my Will! How admirable, powerful and adorable you are.

The creature in You can give us all and we can give all to her.

She covers everything and everyone;

she makes love arise with her light and gives us love for all.

We can say she offers true reparation,

because when the creatures offend us,

we find that she can hide us in her love in order to love us,

and inside her light to defend us

putting to flight, with her light, those who want to wound us”.

don Marco
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