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The Dutch translation of IL SOLE DELLA MIA VOLONTÀ


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The Dutch translation of IL SOLE DELLA MIA VOLONTÀ:


2014: it was so beautiful and marvellous to hear about ‘an official biography of Luisa Piccarreta, coming from the Vatican’! But naturally, an Italian book..

2015: an English and a Spanish translation followed. Magnificent!

At that moment the spontaneous question came: but when will we read Luisa’s biography in our language? Will that ever be possible? The Dutch language area in the world is so small in comparison with the Italian, the English and the Spanish one…

Fr. Robert Young, who came often to Belgium, understood very well the need of such a Dutch translation. So, at the International Congres (April 2015) he went to Don Sergio to speak about it. The permission to translate was given. How grateful we are to both of those Divine Will priests!!

In the end, because of the high cost of translating, it seemed to be appropriate to do it yourself. But, what we couldn’t realize that moment: to have a Dutch biography of Luisa would become a long-term road with multiple obstacles. FIAT, FIAT, FIAT!

Even heavy heart problems (a collapse during a Divine Will conference day, followed by 3 hospitalizations in 3 different hospitals, 3 interventions of 3 hours,… what a simelarity with the passage of Book of Heaven where Jesus is speaking about ‘3’ during His Passion…). All of that gave a delay from half a year. Again FIAT.

At the end of a long work (with, where necessary, help of others and certainly often of Fr. Robert), the translation was sent to Corato and immediately to Rome. But unfortunately, that was just on the day the director of L.E.V. retired. This meant another long interruption and another FIAT because L.E.V. stopped printing and had to undergo a restructuring.                            

Meanwhile Fr. Robert died, such a great loss for Belgium… A very painful FIAT…

And months passed again… Then suddenly the L.E.V. told Don Sergio to be willing to publish the Dutch book. But again months of silence were following.

There was back contact between Don Sergio and the L.E.V. after appointing a new director. Finally was said there had to be sought a publisher in Belgium: the L.E.V. wanted to print but not to publish the book. So difficult to understand!! But, yes, FIAT.                                                               

And again weeks and months passed. It was a long time of looking out, calling and mailing different publish houses in Belgium and even in the Netherlands. It was a long time of waiting for an answer of all of them with at the end: none was found! How painful, what to do now?

At a certain moment, after all the waiting, all those difficulties became too much. In the midst of the night, prayers mixed with tears were sent to Heaven, to Luisa, to St. Annibale and to Fr. Robert: please, give me a sign as birthday present…                                                           

Unbelievable, the day after this terrible night, Don Sergio wrote! That day, inside of him he had felt a push to contact personal the new director. It was really completely not difficult to know from where that push (spinta) came.  And the final conclusion of the L.E.V. sounded: stop looking for a Dutch publisher, we will do it ourselves.

That was such a wonderful news after all those negative contacts with several Dutch publish houses. Now tears of happiness were flowing! But again we had to wait for several weeks… FIAT.

After four full years (!!!), from April 2015 until April 2019, many copies of IL SOLE DELLA MIA VOLONTÀ -  DE ZON VAN MIJN WIL - arrived at the House of the Divine Will, Belgium! In the midst of Lent we could sing – in the Divine Will – ALLELUIA!!! FIAT!!!

The books can be spread now in Belgium and in the Netherlands! All the Dutch people who know Luisa received immediately a special Divine Will Newsletter: the official biography of Luisa Piccarreta - in our language and coming from Rome - arrived! Many of them came this period to the afternoons with the Passion, others asked to send the book. Next month we have our conference days, again an occasion to offer it for sale. In de coming months there are  again different introduction meetings about ‘Luisa and living in the Divine Will’, all with an opportunity to sell.                                                                                                                               

And we are looking to have (finally) a Divine Will website to reach a lot of people in Belgium and in the Netherlands. So we can tell even that way about the official biography of Luisa Piccarreta!

To have now the Dutch biography meant a large and precise job. But above all it was about: four full years filled by a lot of prayers of trust and hope in God’s Willing, four full years of calling all of Heaven especially ‘our’ Luisa, Saint Annibale AND Fr. Robert (since his death), four full years filled by tears of pain and joy!                                                                                                   

And during all those time Don Sergio continued to contact the L.E.V. With what kind of patience he did all of that all over again! Even when a certainly moment it went so bad that the thought came to give up everything…

So that way, those four full years, were also a period of countless acts in God’s Eternal Act, of so many FIAT’s in God’s FIAT!                                                                                                    

How  grateful we have to be the Divine Will!!! And how happy we are to have Luisa’s biography in our language!!!



Divine Will Belgium, but even so a lot of places in the Netherlands

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