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The crosses of disillusion.

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A bruised reed he will not break,

and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out.

In faithfulness he will bring forth justice (Isaiah 42: 1-3)


Luisa finds Jesus carrying a bundle of crosses, all tired and weary (Vol 4 Mar 5, 1903).He tells her that these are the crosses of disillusion. They are so necessary to purify our lives. At different stages of our lives a cross will appear. It is a tender adjustment by Jesus to let go and abandon ourselves more and more to His Will. Perhaps we depend on a person in a needy way, expecting this person to solve all our problems. Then this person may move away or lose interest in helping you and you feel bereft. Perhaps you are interested in making more and more money. Then you lose your job and you hit upon hard times. Perhaps your self esteem is crushed by slander and lies.

The cross is the primary disillusion and the first thing that judges the works of creatures.

Crosses can take so many forms, depending on one's individual circumstances. What may seem like no big deal to another person may be a very heavy cross for you. These crosses are given with great love.  Jesus says to Luisa that there is a judgment with each cross. If we surrender and submit in a childlike way with humility and simplicity and trust, we will find peace and joy. What we must avoid is discouragement, the evil one's most effective weapon. In the Divine Will we must learn to love the Cross in all its forms because it is a mirror  that gives us the features and the likeness of Jesus (Vol 3 - Apr 20,1900).

O Jesus I pray that always having before me this divine mirror,

I may clean all my stains and embellish myself ever more in your likeness

(Frank - Phyllis Group - Ireland)

La Redazione
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- 8/5/2022
Thank You Divine Will for my crosses and sufferings. I fused it in the sufferings of Jesus enclosing everyone and everything. I'm so happy to receive this newsletter and became a member of the webpage of the Association of Luisa Piccarreta in Corato. I'm also a member of the LCDW Philippines and we have our nightly cenacle, listening and learning the lessons that the Lord wants us to receive. Grateful and blessed.