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The Acts in the Divine Will: to impetrate the Coming of the Kingdom

May Your Kingdom come!

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Only one is God’s desire, one only His intent, and that is to establish His Kingdom of love on earth in the midst of creatures and for their good, because each of them has a right to divine life being redeemed by Jesus, His Son, and His life and death on the Cross and testified by His Resurrection. Jesus explains to Luisa that Life in the Divine Will is giving God to God; it is the divine outpouring and transformation of human nature in the divine, the communication of creative virtue, embracing the Infinite, rising up in the Eternal. Living in the Divine Will is the call of all the acts of creatures into the unity of the Divine Will. And whoever lives in the Divine Fiat, embracing everything and everyone, will obtain this great good from God.

What He recommends to Luisa and to anyone who comes to know of the gift of his Divine Will is never to leave It, because His Will is eternal; what is done in the Divine Will acquires an eternal, immense and infinite value and the firmness in asking in order for this virtue to form the life of the good that one asks, to dispose the soul to receive the good that it wants and move God to give the gift that is asked.

With the many repeated acts and prayers that the creature does she forms in herself the life, the exercise and the habit of the good that is asked. God, won by the firmness of the asking, gives her the gift and finding in the creature, by virtue of her repeated acts, the life of the gift that He gives converts into nature the desired good and the creature feels possessor and victorious, transformed into the gift received. Therefore, the unceasing request for the Kingdom of the Divine Will forms in the soul Its very life, the life of Its love, and asking for the Kingdom of the Divine Will for everyone is the starting point for others to receive the great gift of the Supreme Fiat.

It is true that the greatest difficulty for the soul is to remain steadfast in the Divine Will. But what is consoling and, above all, what new wonder it is to find in the Writings another revelation of Jesus’: that nothing is lost or destroyed in the Divine Will. Just as light and heat are inseparable ... the acts of the creature done in the Divine Will are inseparable from It, and since the Divine Will is not subject to extinction, because It is eternal and immense light, the same acts remain eternal even if the soul were to come out of the Divine Will.

So when Adam sinned he came out of the Divine Will, but his deeds remained in It. By falling into sin these acts, the riches, glory and perfect love which he had given to his Creator were not destroyed; rather, by virtue of them and his operating in the Divine Fiat he merited Redemption. No, he could not remain without Redemption he who had only briefly possessed the Kingdom of the Supreme Will. Whoever possesses this kingdom enters into such bonds and rights with God that God himself feels with him the strength of his own chains, which in binding him prevent God from separating Himself from the creature. What enters the Divine Will loses its life in It, forms Its very life, and relinquishes the rights of going out.

So long as the soul remains in the Divine Will her acts are God’s and hers, but if the soul should come out of the Divine Will she would lose the rights. And since the acts were done in the Kingdom of the Divine Will and not the human will, they would remain as rights of the Divine Will even if they would be seen and known as acts done by the creature ... there is no human or divine power which can make an act done by the creature in the Divine Will come out and be separated.

They serve the soul that performs them but must serve as first acts, as models for whoever must live in the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat. They are always live acts because they are animated by the Divine Will and formed by the Divine Maker.

They are acts that contain divine power – a power that comes from Jesus Himself who, with the utmost jealousy of love, lingers near the soul and when He sees it willing to do acts in His Will, before it begins the act, makes the light and virtue of the Divine Will flow in the act ... and as the act is being formed, light and divine virtue invest it ... and once the act is completed, light seals it and gives it the form of a divine act.

The act in the Divine Will contains an infinite value, so much so that the creature who performed the act cannot contain it all within herself; she becomes filled, and not being able to contain it the act overflows and runs in the same immensity of the Eternal Fiat that envelops everything.

They are active acts, running everywhere and investing everything and everyone. The Divine Will is everywhere, and the acts done in the Divine Will run everywhere and in Heaven and on earth. They run to the past because the Divine Will has existed, to the present because It has lost none of Its activity, and to the future because It will exist eternally. Acts in the Divine Will are never idle. They are full of light, love, holiness, and divine sweetness; they feel the need to give light to those who live in darkness, love to those who are cold, sanctity to whoever lives in sin, and divine sweetness to the embittered. These acts, true sons of the Divine Fiat, never stop; they always run and, if necessary, even for centuries to give the good they possess.

And so divine love quivers, groans and raves over the creature living in the Supreme Will ...who is always willing to unceasingly work to make up for all her shortcomings and for nothing to lack in what is needed to form Divine Life on earth. At the same time the creature cannot subtract herself from wanting to live in the Divine Will, as the raw material would be missing to form Divine Life in her acts … and since they are acts done together, Creator with the creature, they act as God and bind God and the creature – God to give and the creature to receive – and form the pretext for Trinitarian Love to say: “The creature gave Us a place in her act, she gave Us the freedom to do what We want” … and to reign!


The soul in My Will is made simple,

and together with Me is multiplied in everyone and does good to everyone.

Oh, if everyone understood the immense value of the smallest acts done in My Will,

 no act would escape.




Riccardina Latti
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FIAT ♥️♥️♥️
- 12/28/2018
Grazie infinite nel Fiat, Riccardina, per questi raggi di luce che riflettono in te per noi .......