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Thank you Luisa for your Fiat!

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Dear Luisa, the Grace of the Divine Will, together with Mary, led us to the places of your Fiat, to the places of your simplicity, of your abandonment, of your obedience.

As immersed in the infinite Love of the Creating, Redeeming and Sanctifying Fiat, your life shines in the call of Jesus: "SOUL, HELP ME" and you call us to follow you.

Thank you Luisa because through your YES we can enjoy so much Grace of Knowledge. Learning from you, we can unite ourselves to Jesus, step by step, with our every little act,  our beat, our thoughts, our breath, our prayers and above all our slightest things to live the true life that was given to us.

don Lino Magoga - Group of pilgrims from Veneto.


La Redazione
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- 10/6/2021
W, Luisa, W, la Divina Volontà 🌈☀️🕊️