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Thank you Luisa for giving your will

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Trinidad lives in Sacramento (California), a city in the United States. She was fascinated by the Divine Will after attending a meeting, in her city, at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

It is the Heavenly Father who in His Divine Will brought me here, to Corato, - she says- to visit the places where Jesus kept  the smallness of Luisa, to receive the Gift of the Divine Will. Thank you Luisa for your availability in giving your will, remaining in humility, obedient to the love of Jesus, writing in the Divine Will the Book of Heaven.

Following the example of Luisa - she continues- I want to take all the love of God and merging in His Divine Will I want to give to God the exchange of love that all creatures should give, since we have been created to live in the dignity of His love. United with all creatures, past, present and future, in His Divine Will, let’s adore, glorify, bless and give thanks to the Father.

United in the Divinity of Jesus,

united in the humanity of Jesus,

united in the Will of Jesus,

Fiat in the Divine Will, always!

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