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Thank you Jesus!

January 1st, 2021

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Yesterday my cell phone filled up with messages of good wishes and this cheered me up because I realized that I have many friends and acquaintances more or less close and sincere, but it did not give me joy!

Instead I experienced in my heart a Joy in feeling You near at that moment and, with my mind I made a journey back through every past moment of my life and I always found You!

YOU IN ME, but I asked myself, was I in YOU? ... Not always... Not always, because I saw myself on the ground so many times, but You.... still were there with Your hand towards me waiting for me to reach out to You so I could get up.

What would I do without you?

Without You, we would be branches detached from the Vine. And who could ever bear fruit without Your sap flowing through every act of our lives!

Thank you Jesus because you have accompanied and helped me until today.

You have sustained me until now and I know that Your hand will never leave me.  For this new year, I ask You to bless us all so that all may gain the knowledge that in every step You are there!

May Your face shine on our smile and protect us every day from the evil that is outside of us, but especially within us.

I pray You never turn Your gaze away from us and grant us peace in every event we face.

Thank you Jesus for accompanying and sustaining all of humanity until now!  You will continue to do so, but help us to continue to believe it!  FIAT

Annalisa Pellegrino

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