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Sister Assunta:

her gift to the association L.C.D.W. on the day of her 90th birthday

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"The Almighty has done great things for me": This is the verse of the Canticle of the Magnificat that we should meditate because the Lord always works wonders in him who entrusts himself totally to Him. "Great things" are our successes, giving ourselves to others, doing all we can for others without keeping nothing back for ourselves, because everything is for the glory of the Lord.

Sister Assunta Marigliano is a living witness to  God's action in the soul who abandons all her "riches" and earthly affairs because she wants to give herself only to God, to what God Himself, silently and respectfully asks. So, to follow God this soul  deprives  herself of every possession, of any emotional bond.

Sister Assunta kept all her testimony in a book entitled “My Family is the Trinity”. It was presented to the Association Little Children of the Divine Will  on December 18th, the day of her 90th birthday.

On that occasion, the Eucharistic Celebration in the Church Santa Maria Greca was presided by Archbishop Leonardo D'Ascenzo with the participation of the zonal vicar don Peppino Lobascio, don Francesco Nuzzolese, the assistant  priest of the Church Santa Maria Greca and don Sergio Pellegrini the parish priest of the Church Santa Maria Greca. Don Sergio before the final blessing, gave Sister Assunta a parchment of good wishes from Pope Francis for the 90th anniversary of her birth and baptism.

Sister Assunta wants to give this book as an inheritance for the continuity of the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will that she founded on October 16, 1982 with the approval of Archbishop Giuseppe Carata. The book is a gift that Sister Assunta wished to give, first of all, to His Excellency Mons. D'Ascenzo, to those who belong to the Association and to all those who will come to know this reality which is based on the spirituality of Luisa Piccarreta and draws its inspiration from Luisa’s Writings.

"I offer You the love you bring, Three Divine Persons": these are the final words of a prayer by Luisa Piccarreta that "accidentally" ended up in the hands of Sister Assunta. These words confirmed the love that Sister Assunta already felt for the Holy Trinity, conquering her further. Then Sister Assunta felt that the Holy Trinity was to become her true family. And the Association Little Children of the Divine Will is that family to which Sister Assunta wished to give rise, building its house on solid, unshakable foundations, on the model of the Trinitarian Family.

The book speaks of the birth and life of this great family that is the Association Little Children of the Divine Will. It is the first official book written by Sister Assunta. It was born as an act of obedience to Archbishop Giovan Battista Pichierri. It is a book written for obedience, a virtue that, as the author herself emphasizes, shows the Will of God through His “Shepherds” .

On June 14, 2015, Archbishop Pichierri, at the conclusion of the Open Day on Luisa Piccarreta, which took place at the Municipal Theater in Corato, summoned Sister Assunta aside and gave her the order to write down all her experience. He said: "I called you to tell you that, from this moment, you must write everything about your coming to Corato and all that has been done for Luisa, for the Association and in the Church, without omitting anything. You must tell me what Luisa is for you and what she is for the Church. Everything must be known and everything you have to write ... Write everything, the Will of God is with you. "

This obedience overcame the reluctance of Sister Assunta to speak a little about herself, her private life, her life as consecrated and religious woman at the Institute of Poor Daughters of the Visitation in Naples, her hometown. This is a chapter that inevitably she had to introduce in her book to better understand the evolution of her religious life and the search for a deeper, trinitarian  and spiritual dimension that would take her to know the great figure of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta who with her constant Fiat collaborated with the Trinitarian spirit for the salvation of men, nourishing  them with the Sanctity of the Divine Will.

There are about forty years of history of the Association Little Children of the Divine Will that unroll throughout the book; the first group of it that was formed in the early eighties up to the inclusion of new members; the Bishops who knew and supported her, the recovery of what had belonged to Luisa, the places inhabited by the little daughter of the Divine Will, the bond with the Divine Will groups scattered throughout the world and much more accompanied by illustrations and photographs.

Now through this book, these memories are available to all - the new Archbishop Monsignor Leonardo D'Ascenzo, who succeeded Monsignor Pichierri, wrote in the preface. The whole history of the Association, every single step has always had the approval of the Bishops of the local Church, Mons. Giuseppe Carata, the first Archbishop who welcomed Sister Assunta, just arrived at Corato in October 1981; Mons. Carmelo Cassati;  Mons. Giovan Battista Pichierri.

"It is the outline of divine providence that binds facts and people in an unpublished and compelling plot- we can read in the preface of Archbishop D'Ascenzo - We understand that the members of the Association intend to continue the spiritual experience of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta, becoming ever more attentive so that the message of the Divine Will can reach women and men of our time, to quote Pope Francis, “the existential peripheries of everyday life” ... The Divine Will seems to respond to this appeal because it appears as the way which is open to all, good for everyone, available to everyone. It is the way that Jesus opened since He became flesh in the womb of Mary and bound forever His Will to human life and to the life of each one of us ... This is why Jesus taught us in the prayer of our Father to ask: " Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven "(Mt 6,10) ... Through  Luisa it seems that Jesus wants to teach us a little more to live constantly in the Divine Will».

 Let us entrust ourselves to the Will of God the Father and we will see wonders. Great things will make His power in us

Book Preview

"La mia famiglia è la Trinità!


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