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She gave birth to her firstborn son: the first Eucharistic table (second part)

“You were so little as to surpass my dear Mama in littleness, so much so, that I was able to keep you near Me, in my same manger, and I could pour my tears into your heart”

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Mary gave birth to her firstborn son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn (Lk 2:7).

Son of God came into the world, but there was no place to welcome Him together with His mother but only a manger; there were no people ready to recognize and welcome it. The humid and icy air that blew from the battered boards of the small hut built in front of the cave was not the only cold that Jesus suffered. The cold of hearts incapable of waiting and welcoming hurt Him more than anything else. Man still responds to the infinite love of the Father today often with refusal or at best with indifference, closing the door to God who comes and asks to meet us

In the passage of December 25, 1921, while Luisa was contemplating with love the scene of the birth of Jesus in the grotto of Bethlehem, she saw Jesus trembling and complaining about the great cold. She, as always, loving and attentive, hold Him in her arms to warm Him saying to Him tenderly that she possessed the Divine Will in her heart; so, Its warmth was more than sufficient to warm Him. And Jesus replied that His Will contains everything, and one who possesses It can give Him everything.  

The Divine Will was everything for Jesus: It conceived Him, It formed Him, It made Him grow, and It made Him be born. And if His Mama contributed by giving Him the blood, She could do so because She contained the Divine Will, absorbed within Her. Had She not possessed the Divine Will, She could not have contributed to forming His Humanity. So, His direct Will, and His Will which was absorbed within His Mama, gave Him life. What is human had no power over Jesus, to give Him anything; only the Divine Will, with Its breath, nourished Him and delivered Him to the light.

But do you think it was the cold of the air that made Jesus freeze? No, it was the cold of the hearts that made Him grow numb; and it was ingratitude that made Him cry bitterly at His very first coming out to the light. But His beloved Mother calmed His crying, though She too cried; and Their tears blended together, and exchanging the first kisses, They poured Themselves out in love. But their life was to be sorrow and crying, and Jesus had Her place Him in the manger, to go back to crying and call His children with His sobs and with His tears. He wanted to move them to pity with His tears and with His moans, so as to be listened to.

Of course, Mary and Joseph could have found a place in the hotel if only they had money, resources and power. However God chooses a road far from ours, He uses the little woman of Nazareth, useless and insignificant according to men, but great in the eyes of God for her immeasurable faith. There is no place in the world for those who, like Mary, are outside the established framework of a conformism without ideals or values, for those who do not go in search of the spasmodic hoarding of things, goods, wealth and success, but base their lives only on the Lord.

The Virgin accepted the gratuitousness of God, recognizing that nothing belongs to her and nothing makes her blessed except the transforming relationship with her Lord. Before her virginal womb, she made her whole existence available to the Father through  a full and unreserved oblation. Mary takes the greatness of her son as a gift and wishes to make us participate. It is a sharing that arises from the awareness of her own poverty and insufficiency, of being the recipient of an act of love of God that goes far beyond her merits and expectations. The man without a poor heart, who does not welcome with a humble spirit, is pleased instead with what he possesses, forgetting that in reality nothing belongs to him and that everything was given to him to share it generously with his neighbors.


In Bethlehem, on the night of refusal

the time of salvation has come

And you gave birth to the Son of God.

Through you, O Mary, the Lord put on our humanity,

the light ripped through the darkness.

You gave birth to Him so that we would have light.

Your eyes, oozing maternal sweetness,

had the privilege of resting first on the face of God made flesh,

to contemplate the innocence of His features, His smile..

You hugged Him with infinite tenderness,

you covered him with love before you even wrapped him in swaddling clothes.

His cradle was a manger.

There in the middle of the straw, very poor altar,

you laid the Living Bread that came down from Heaven, the only food that satisfies and gives life.

Oh Mary, turn your gaze towards us,

take us by the hand and lead us to Christ your son,

introduce us into the endless immensity of His Mercy


 (Luigi De Angelis)

don Marco
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- 3/27/2020
This is beautiful. I prayed this prayer in the Divine Will for all Soul's in unite with Jesus. I received a e-mail from the fathers of Divine Mercy. They said to put a image of the Divine Mercy on your front door. Much like the Blood on the door post's. For many that do not know the power of the Divine Will this image of the Divine Mercy with the words Jesus I Trust in you, can help them see the Love there in.