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“She gave birth to her firstborn son”: Mary’s son, firstborn in the new creation (second part)

"Do not fear, your care must be in keeping your interior gaze fixed on Him. This has so much power, that all other powers, human and diabolical, remain debilitated and defeated.”

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Mary gave birth to her firstborn son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn (Lk 2:7).

Unlike the little woman of Nazareth we fail to Keep her same looks, because our faith is weak and superficial. It’s difficult for us to recognize the greatness of God's love in the smallness and fragility of a child, in the marginality and insignificance of the poor, of the least and of the excluded. It is God who reveals Himself in them and asks us for welcome.

Our eyes are closed and obscured by the contemplation of ourselves, so they cannot see. We let ourselves be distracted from what is not essential and, for this reason, we do not palpitate with joy at the revelation of the ineffable appearance of our Creator; we don't really realize His coming. The Spirit frees us from all that is contingent and that conditions us spiritually. Only if we abandon ourselves to the action of the Spirit will we be able to meet God and experience Him, eventually discovering that, in reality, every moment of our existence has always been under the gaze of God.

If we let ourselves be penetrated and renewed by the gaze of God, our eyes will cease to desire material goods and to possess them; they will cease to hurt the lives of our brothers as sharp blades and to defraud them with greed. Then, we will be able to be the transparency of God and to kindle the hearts of everyone we meet with a desire for salvation

In a passage dated June 30, 1903, Luisa describes her discouragement as she is without Jesus. So, she turns to the Virgin Mary for help. And the Virgin Mary lovingly tells her to take baby Jesus, her All, in her arms and not to cry. Then, our Heavenly Mother invites Luisa to keep Jesus always with her. As Luisa keeps Him with her, she must keep her interior gaze fixed on Him; she must not be embarrassed if Jesus does not tell her anything, or if she is unable to say anything. She must only look at Jesus in her interior, and by looking at Him she will comprehend everything, she will do everything, and she will satisfy for all.

This is the beauty of the interior soul: without voice, without education, since there is no external thing that attracts her or upsets her, but all of her attraction, all of her goods are enclosed in her interior, by simply looking at Jesus she easily comprehends everything and does everything. In this way, you will walk up to the top of Calvary; and once we reach it, you will no longer see Him as a Baby, but Crucified, and you will remain crucified together with Him

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