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“She gave birth to her firstborn son”: Mary freely accomplishes the mission that God has entrusted to her (second part)

“By never doing Her own will, this excelling Virgin remained always straight, and facing the Eternal Sun; therefore it was always daylight for Her, and She made the day of the Sun of Justice arise for all generations.”

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Mary gave birth to her firstborn son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn (Lk 2:7).

Our true dimension as creatures shines in Mary's motherhood, we are called from the beginning to love. In Mary, as mother, our most authentic vocation is revealed: to participate in the source of love. The Lord asks us not to be amorphous and inactive, but to respond to love with love and thus become "mothers" of His presence.

Like the little woman of Nazareth, we too must give birth, that is, we should bring out the brightness of Christ, allow the burning fire of God's love for man to light and warm.

We are not the light, we are unable, by ourselves, to illuminate, to identify the direction of our going, to attribute the exact meaning and value to things. We can only be an instrument through which the light of salvation reverberates and spreads, sweeping away the darkness. However, it is essential for us to have a true, effective and above all not temporally limited availability.

Looking at the experience of the Virgin Mary, we realize that her whole existence was a path of liberation from any personal aspiration to be the transparency of God and the mirror of His light, at any time and in every choice. Precisely because of this, Mary was able to give birth to Christ, bring Him, give Him and at the same time seek Him and find Him in every man.

In fact, the son that Mary generated in the flesh was not only not her privileged possession, but Jesus was not exclusively in her. Christ is in every person who welcomes Him, in every person who loves Him and lets himself be guided by Him. For this reason we must let His light dig our deepest and most hidden areas, without fear that the Truth may lay us bare. Only in this way, always available to be freed from every shadow, will we be able to let ourselves be possessed by Jesus and then we too will give Him and at the same tome seek Him and find Him in every brother.

On May 31, 1926 Jesus describes the difference between one who lives in the Divine Will and one who is resigned and submitted to It, He tells Luisa that living in The Divine Will is to possess the source of the unity of the light of the Divine Will, with all the fullness of the effects contained in It. So, light, love, adoration… arise in each act of the creature, which, constituting itself act for each act, love for each love, like solar light invades everything, harmonizes everything, centralizes everything within itself; and like a shining ray it brings to her Creator the return for all that He has made for all creatures and the true note of accord between Heaven and earth.

What a difference between one who possesses the source of the goods which the Sun of the Divine Will contains, and one who lives of the effects of It! It is the difference that exists between the sun and the earth. The sun always possesses the fullness of its light and effects, it is always blazing and majestic in the vault of the heavens, nor does it need the earth. While it touches everything, it is untouchable, it does not let itself be touched by anyone; and if anyone dared even to fix on it, it would eclipse him, blind him and knock him down with its light. On the other hand, the earth is in need of everything, it lets itself be touched and stripped; and if it wasn’t for the light of the sun and its effects, it would be a gloomy prison, full of squalid misery. Therefore, there is no comparison that holds between one who lives in the Divine Will and one who submits to It.

Before sinning, Adam possessed the unity of light, but he could no longer recover it during his life; it happened to him as to the earth that turns around the sun: not being fixed, in turning around, it opposes the sun and forms the night. Now, in order to render him firm again so that he might sustain the unity of this light, a repairer was needed, and this repairer was supposed to be superior to him; a divine strength was needed in order to straighten him up. Here is the necessity of Redemption.

Our Celestial Mother also possessed the unity of this light, and this is why, more than sun, She can give light to all. It was never nighttime, nor was there ever a shadow between Her and the Supreme Majesty, but always full daylight. Therefore, in each instant, this unity of the light of the Divine Will made the whole of the Divine Life flow within Her, which brought Her seas of light, of joys, of happinesses, of divine knowledges, seas of beauty, of glory, of love. And She, as though in triumph, brought all these seas to Her Creator as Her own, to attest to Him Her love, Her adoration, and to charm Him with Her beauty; and the Divinity made flow yet more and new beautiful seas.

She possessed so much love that, as though naturally, She could love all, adore and make up for all. Her littlest acts done in the unity of this light were superior to the greatest acts and to all the acts of all creatures together. Therefore, the sacrifices, the works, the love of all other creatures can be called little flames before the sun, little drops of water before the sea, compared to the acts of the Sovereign Queen; and this is why, by virtue of the unity of this light of the Supreme Volition, She triumphed of everything and conquered Her very Creator, making Him a Prisoner in Her maternal womb.

Only the unity of the light of the Divine Will, which She who ruled over everything possessed, was able to form this prodigy which had never before occurred, administering to Her acts worthy of this Divine Prisoner. By losing this unity of light, Adam turned himself upside down and formed night, weaknesses, passions, for himself and for the generations. By never doing Her own will, this excelling Virgin remained always straight, and facing the Eternal Sun; therefore it was always daylight for Her, and She made the day of the Sun of Justice arise for all generations. If this Virgin Queen had done nothing else but preserve the unity of the light of the Eternal Volition in the depth of Her immaculate soul, this would have been enough to give Us back the glory of all, the acts of all, and the requital of love of all Creation. Through Her, by virtue of the Divine Will, the Divinity felt come back to Itself, the joys and the happiness which It had established to receive through Creation.

Therefore She can be called the Queen, the Mother, the Foundress, the Base and the Mirror of the Divine Will, in which all can reflect themselves to receive Its Life from Her.

don Marco
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