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“She gave birth to her firstborn son”: Mary freely accomplishes the mission that God has entrusted to her (first part)

“These children reborn, raised, formed and nourished by the Divine Will will be the true glory of Creation and will put the seal of their love on each created thing for Him who has done everything for them and who has loved them so much.”

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Mary gave birth to her firstborn son, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn(Lk 2:7).

In silence and prayer Mary carries out the mission entrusted to her by God, Who intimately and radically entered her life and Who is part of her and her every breath and heartbeat. She placed herself entirely at the Father’s disposal in hermost profound reality of woman, using every fiber of her being to fulfill the will of the Lord. She gave birth to her firstborn son. In giving birth, she allowed the light to enter the world to sweep away the darkness of sin and death that enveloped it. Christ is the true light; He alone can lead every man to salvation, making him worthy by His sacrifice on the cross and bringing him back into the loving arms of the Father.

Through the Virgin the Son of God entered the world with extreme naturalness and concreteness, manifesting Himself in the helpless weakness of a child and thus became a partaker of human life. Although He is light, no glory shone around Him. Rather, like every other child of the human family He was marked by frailness and need. The Kingdom of God does not impose itself by force, but rather presents itself. It does not force or enslave. On the contrary, it uses the language of love, responsibility and freedom. God is in need of everything; He places Himself in our hands because He wants to be loved with infinite tenderness.

Mary becomes the mother of the Savior by reason of her adherence to God. Her motherhood is not the result of an imposition, but is the fruit of an intelligent consent to donate herself, her body and very own life. Through her "Fiat", woman undergoes the definitive emancipation from every idea of imposed motherhood experienced as the consequence of a fault to be paid off, or at the most of an obligation or a constraint to be subjected to. In her, and through her, the body becomes a livable and cozy space that is open to and capable of transmitting life, which is the full expression of woman’s nature. The Virgin helps us to find the way to restore the harmony that has been disordered by sin which has disfigured our spiritual and physical dimensions, denouncing the widespread attempt, especially in our times, to make the body the priority if not the only principle for attaching value to a person,thus degrading our humanity and depriving it of its complete and authentic meaning.

In order to live in the Divine Will it is necessary to want it and to take the first steps. On May 6, 1938, Jesus tells Luisa that the way to enter the Divine Will is very simple, because Jesus never teaches difficult things. His love makes him adapt very much to human capacity, so that the creature can do without difficulty what He teaches her and wants. To enter the "Fiat", the first necessary thing is to want It, sighing with all firmness to want to live in It. The second is to take the first step; once the first step is done, the Divine Will surrounds the creature with light and such allurements that she loses the desire to do her will, because as soon as she takes a step and feels she has dominion, the night of passions, weaknesses and miseries changes into day and into divine power. Therefore, she feels the extreme need to take the second step, which calls the third step, the fourth, the fifth, and so on. These steps are steps of light which embellish, sanctify anddelight the creature, mark the path, and make her partake in the likeness of her Creator to the point that she not only feels the extreme need to live in the Divine Will, but feels it as her very own life from which she cannot be separated.

It is easy, but it is necessary to want it as the Paternal goodness of God wants it. He will clothe that will with grace, love, and goodness. And since He also wants it, He will add His own and, if necessary, even His very life to give the creature all the help and means, also His life as her life to make her live in the Divine Will. In other words, He does not spare a thing when it comes to making the creature live in the Divine Will.

Whosoever lives in the Divine Will has always been inseparable from his Creator; he has already been with Him since eternity. The Divine Will carried him in Its bosom and made him be loved, courted and enjoyed by God, and since then God has felt his throbbing love in Him, called by the Divine Will to the work of His creative hand, forming one of the most beautiful images. When, in the excess of His love, the Eternal Word descended from Heaven to earth, these souls who live or will live in the "Fiat", being inseparable from God, descended together with Him. Led by the Celestial Queen they formed His people, His faithful army, His living palace in which God constituted Himself true King of these children of the Divine Will. He would have never descended from Heaven without the cortege of His people, without a kingdom where He could not have dominion with His laws of love. For God, all centuries are like a single point in time where everything is His and everything is in action. Therefore, the Son of God came down from Heaven as ruler and King of His children; He saw Himself courted and loved as He knows how to love God, and so much was His love that He let them remain conceived together with Him. It was impossible for God to be without them. Not finding His children who loved Him would not have been tolerable. And so He lived together with them in the womb of His Sovereign Mother; they were born again together with Him, cried together, and whatever God did they also did -  walked, worked, prayed, and suffered together. It can be said that they were with Him even on the cross to die and rise to the new life that God came to bring to the human generations. Hence, the Kingdom of the Divine Will had already been established; their number is known, who they are and their names; their heartbeats are felt, they burn with love and are continually loved. The children of the Divine Will will have in their power the divine conception, His birth, steps, pains and tears.They will be able to be conceived and reborn for as many times as they wish. They will hear His steps and feel His pain in theirs, because in the Divine Will life and birth repeat and renew themselves at every instant. They can take these for themselves and give them to others and do what they want, knowing that they will never do what God does not want. These children who are born again, raised, trained and nourished by Divine Will will be the true glory of Creation. They will crown the creative work of God and place the seal of their love on each created thing for the One Who did everything for them and Who loved them so much.


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