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Holy Christmas!

The “smallness” of Christmas

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Dear sons and daughters of the Divine Will,

St. John in the Gospel writes: " The Logos became flesh",

The Child of Nazareth is not a sign of any hope, but of the hope that comes from the closeness of God.

Through the birth of Jesus, we should understand that God is not in a distant Heaven,  He is not impassive in His Paradise or indifferent to our events, but He is fully involved through the fragile flesh of a child.

God descended from Heaven, He humbled himself, He became flesh, He entrusted Himself to our hands.

Jesus, the Word of God, in becoming  man, not only revealed to us the closeness of God who loves us, but He showed us the path we should follow to fulfill the deepest and most secret expectations of our heart.

The shepherds understood. So, those who are pure in heart, simple and little can understand.

The love received and given is the greatest wealth.

The Bethlehem event is a great and luminous mystery because the love of God has become flesh and in the simplicity of a child it is given to all those who seek the secret of peace and true joy.

 “The littleness of the creature serves Us as the space in which We can form Our works; it serves Us like the “nothing” before Creation, and, it being nothing, We call to life in it Our most beautiful works. We want this littleness to be empty of anything that does not belong to Us - but alive, that it may feel how much We love it, as well as the life of the works of Our Will that unfolds within it. ”

(Vol XXXII, March 26, 1933)


The most true wish for all the children of the Divine Will is to celebrate the Nativity of the Lord in our smallness, to make His Will act in us!




Michele Colonna

with the Luisa Piccarreta Association PFDV



Michele Colonna
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