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Purity of Heart

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In the passage of November 20, 1900 Jesus explains to Luisa how we should live in the Divine Will. Jesus conformed Luisa's heart to His own by pointing out four states to which the creature must strive in order to live uniformly in God's will. In fact He tells her: “My beloved, since you must live from my Heart, it is appropriate for you to undertake a more perfect way of living. Therefore, from you I want:

1.     Perfect conformity to my Will, because you will only be able to love Me perfectly if you love Me with my own Will. Even more, I tell you that by loving Me with my own Will, you will arrive at loving Me, and your neighbor, with my same way of loving”.

These words recall the Gospel of Matthew in which Jesus says: "Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect. (Mt 5:48). They also recall the words of John, when Jesus says: " My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. (Jn 15:12).  In Luisa’s writings Jesus continues to say to Luisa:

2.     “Profound humility, placing yourself, in front of Me and of creatures, as the last among all”.

These words take us back to the Gospel of Matthew in which Jesus says: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. 29 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”  (Mt 11:28). 

Moreover Jesus says to Luisa: “3. Purity in everything, because any slightest fault against purity, both in loving and in operating, is all reflected in the heart, and it remains stained. Therefore I want purity to be like dew upon the flowers at the rising of the sun, which, its rays reflecting upon them, transmutes those little drops into as many precious pearls, such as to enchant the people. In the same way, if all your works, thoughts and words, heartbeats and affections, desires and inclinations, are adorned with the celestial dew of purity, you will weave a sweet enchantment, not only for the human eye, but for the whole Empyreum”.

Pope Francis explains that a purified heart is the result of a process that implies liberation and renunciation. Those who are pure of heart are not born that way but rather they have experienced an inner simplification, learning to renounce the evil within oneself, which the Bible calls circumcision of the heart. We should remember- the Pope continues- that, for the Bible, the heart does not consist only in feelings, but rather it is a human being’s most intimate place, the inner space where people are themselves (See Audience of April 1, 2020).

Finally, again in Luisa’s writings Jesus adds: “4. Obedience, which must be connected with my Will, because if this virtue regards the superiors I have given you on earth, my Will is obedience which regards Me directly; so much so, that it can be said that both one and the other are virtues of obedience - with this difference alone: one regards God, and the other regards men. However, both of them have the same value, and one cannot be without the other; therefore you must love both one and the other in the same way.”

With reference to this fourth state, Pope Francis speaks to us about obedience to God. He says that obeying God is listening to God, having an open heart to follow the path that God points out to us. The Pope also explains how we can do this without giving in to proposals that do not come from Jesus but from the world, asking the Holy Spirit for help. It is the Holy Spirit inside of us who gives us the strength to go forward and the grace to walk on the path of Jesus. In this regard, the Holy Father invites us to ask forgiveness when we do not follow this path, as God is always ready to forgive us. (See Morning Meditation of April 11, 2013).

Angela Iurillo

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