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Pray to please only Jesus

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In the passage of March 16, 1913, while Luisa was praying she felt cold and indifferent and was sorry for this state of mind, but Jesus told her: “My daughter, when the soul prays with fervor, it is incense with smoke; on the other hand, when she prays feeling cold, but without having allowed anything extraneous to Me to enter herself, it is incense without smoke. Both of them are pleasing to Me, but the incense without smoke pleases Me more, because smoke always causes some bother to the eyes.”

Then Jesus showed Luisa what souls immersed in the light of the Divine Will are like and said: “Take a look at how one who does my Will nourishes herself…Have you seen the happiness of the ones who do my Will, and how from them only comes the repetition of my works? One who does my Will nourishes herself with light – that is, with Me; and while she does nothing, she does everything. So, she can be certain that whatever she thinks, does and says is the effect of the food which she takes - that is, everything is the fruit of my Will.”

Pope Francis also talks to us about prayer in his November 11, 2020 audience  He said: “we need to pray always, even when everything seems in vain, when God appears to be deaf and mute and it seems we are wasting time. Even if heaven is overshadowed, the Christian does not stop praying. A Christian’s prayer keeps stride with his or her faith. And many days of our life, faith seems to be an illusion, a barren struggle. There are moments of darkness in our life, and in those moments, faith seems to be an illusion. But the practice of prayer means accepting this struggle too. “Father, I pray and do not feel anything… I feel like my heart is dry, that my heart is arid”. But we have to continue, with this struggle in the tough moments, the moments in which we feel nothing. Many saints experienced the night of faith and God’s silence — when we knock and God does not respond — and these saints were persevering.

During these nights of faith, those who pray are never alone. Indeed, Jesus is not only a witness and teacher of prayer; he is more. He welcomes us in his prayer so that we might pray in him and through him. And this is the work of the Holy Spirit. This is why the Gospel invites us to pray to the Father in Jesus’ name. Saint John provides these words of the Lord: “Whatever you ask in my name, I will do it, that the Father may be glorified in the Son” (14:13). And the Catechism explains that “the certitude that our petitions will be heard is founded on the prayer of Jesus” (n. 2614). It gives the wings that the prayer of mankind has always desired to possess.”

Angela Iurillo
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