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Eighth excess of love: Begging love

“My children, open yourselves to Me, give Me a place in your heart. I came down from Heaven to earth to form My Life in each one of you”

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When Luisa was about to do the eighth hour of meditation, she heard the internal voice of Jesus beg her not to leave Him alone and to lay her head upon the womb of the Celestial Mother, because even from outside she would be able to hear His moans and pleas.

Then Baby Jesus made Luisa understand that as soon as His little Humanity was formed by the power of the Supreme Fiat in the maternal womb, the Sun of the Eternal Word also became flesh. Therefore, the center of this Sun was in His little Humanity. Since His Humanity could not contain It, Its Light overflowed and investing Heaven and earth reached every heart and with its tap of light knocked at each creature with a voice of penetrating light saying: “My children, open yourselves to Me, give Me a place in your heart. I came down from Heaven to earth to form my Life in each one of you”.

But seeing that neither His moans nor His supplications moved the creature to have compassion on His Love, He acted like the poorest of beggars. Stretching out His little hands He asked, at least for pity’s sake by way of alms, for their souls and hearts. The light would knock again and again without ever ceasing while Jesus’ little Humanity moaned, cried and ached. And in that Light which entered hearts He would make His tears flow along with His moans and spasms of love and pain.

Luisa was devastated in considering this excess of love – that Jesus, our Creator, the King of Kings, in order to get closer to the creature and not arouse fear had taken the form of a little Child and begged by way of alms for the creature’s heart. So Luisa asked herself: if man had not been so ungrateful and had not left the Divine Will, would Jesus have incarnated Himself even if He did not have to redeem us?

Jesus explained to her that if Adam had not sinned, the Eternal Word, by the will of the Heavenly Father, would have come to earth nevertheless, but glorious, triumphant and dominating, visibly accompanied by His Angelic army that everyone could have seen, and in the splendor of His glory He would have enchanted and attracted everyone to Himself with His beauty, crowned as King and with the scepter of command.

Jesus would not have come down from Heaven to find ailing mankind, because if man had not escaped from the Divine Will illness of soul or of body would not have existed. Instead, He would have found man happy and holy and with the fullness of goods with which God had created him.

But since man wanted to do his own will the fate of the Son changed. Because it was decreed that Jesus should come down to earth – and what the Divinity decrees cannot be changed – He only changed the manner and appearance and assumed the condition of extreme humility and poverty, suffering, weeping, stripped of glory, and burdened with all the miseries and pains of mankind. The human will made Him find man unhappy, blind, deaf, dumb and full of every misery, and so to heal him Jesus had to take him upon Himself. But in order not to frighten man, He had to manifest Himself as one of them, become their brother and give them the medicines and remedies they needed. If man had not sinned by withdrawing from the Divine Will, Jesus would not have come to earth like the poorest of the poor, but He would have come full of majesty.

“He comes among us with His heart drowned in flames of love. He comes as a Father among His children whom He loves very much … He comes as King among the peoples, but not to demand taxes and duties; no, no, He comes because He wants our will, our miseries, our weaknesses and all our ills. His sovereignty is precisely about this, He wants everything that makes us unhappy, restless, tormented, to hide and burn it all with His love and exchange it with His Will, with His most tender love, His riches and happiness, peace and purest joy”.

(Appeal of the King of Kings)

Tonia Abbattista
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