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"Always holy and individual Trinity, I adore You deeply, I love You intensely, I thank You perpetually for all and in the hearts of all."

 So wrote Luisa in an excerpt from the Diary in 1902. With these words of hers, I would like to thank God the Father on behalf of all, for the Spiritual Retreat on the Divine Will. It was held in Anagni, the so-called city of the Popes, during the days from June 30 to July 03.  We experienced this retreat as a sign of "recovery," of a new "beginning" to satisfy the "thirst" for deepening knowledge about the Divine Will, which has increased over the past two years, and that desire to be "together" with others, physically, albeit with due precautions against the spread of the virus still circulating.

I think I can say that this "thirst" was satisfied mainly by the way this Retreat was conceived and organized by the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will. We perceived a sense of order and gradualness that is typical of Luisa Piccarreta's Writings. For it is Jesus Himself who in His revelations about His Divine Will is orderly and gradual, and like a true pedagogue, takes into account the limitations of His disciple, and those who will follow. The Divine Will is too great a Gift that God administers in "little sips" to His creatures so that in time they assimilate it to make it their own life. After all, we grow gradually and it is good to be able to "enjoy" the various stages of life, trying not to burn out the stages or skip them in the eagerness to arrive at a goal that is fixed only in our minds.

The majestic Pontifical Leonian Seminary in Anagni is the place we have chosen for our Retreat, far from the chaos in which we find ourselves every day. The seminary was built in 1897 in the Roman countryside at the behest of Pope Leo XIII, who was a Jesuit. In this place, we immediately felt the scent of a family "rediscovered" and reunited to be able to live intensely moments of prayer and meditation as well as sharing. In fact, we shared the experiences of those who have begun the journey of knowing the Gift of the Divine Will and the joy that is kindled in the hearts of those who are "called" to this "charism."

In the various moments of acquaintance among all participants, it emerged from the testimonies that God calls the creature to follow Him in the most varied and diverse ways and through the most diverse channels.  God catches the crack in our heart caused by a "curiosity," a pain, even a "rejection" to enter it and win us over, bringing peace, gladness.

Our Archbishop, Msgr. Leonardo D'Ascenzo, who originates from Valmontone (RM), honored us with his presence for all four days of the Retreat. He immediately wanted to share his joy to be among us and with us to live this experience of deepening the content of Luisa Piccarreta's Diary. What is more, he was also happy to be back in the places familiar to him and in the same Seminary in which he was formed and raised. Then he taught in it and was its rector until his departure for the Diocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie.

As I have already said, God is order. The prerogative of the Divine Will is to put order in the creature and bring it back to that original order, which is also part of the title of Luisa Piccarreta's Diary. Our Retreat focused precisely on how to approach, correctly and orderly the Writings of Luisa Piccarreta, to make a gradually ascending path in the knowledge and experience of the Divine Will.

"The Divine Will in the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta," is the title given to the Retreat. As Fr. Sergio Pellegrini, ecclesiastical assistant of the Luisa Piccarreta Association of Corato, explained, the title of the retreat is a very broad one.  With this title we wanted to refer essentially to Luisa's Writings and particularly to the content of the Divine Will in the Writings.  We wanted to follow the paths marked by these Writings, to be guided only by the Holy Spirit, without the intervention of any personal interpretations.  In fact, once again it was reiterated that the Diary of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta is to be read and meditated upon as it is written, according to a chronological order that is preparatory to growth by invoking the Holy Spirit as the only source of holy illumination.

The speakers' meditations followed an order that helped us to better understand, according to each person's disposition, what the Divine Will is and how to live in it. In fact, the course was divided into four steps that will be reported in their entirety as we go along:

1) Archbishop Msgr. L. D'Ascenzo- On the Will of God- Discernment:

We cannot live in the Divine Will without knowing the Will of God. This knowledge of God's Will has a specific name. It is called Discernment, knowing what God wants, what brings us closer to Him and what draws us away from Him. Living in the Divine Will is a way of living the Will of God. Therefore, it is essential to know the Will of God in order to discern and make the Divine Will our own. We should be freely passive and responsible collaborators.

2) Fr. Bernardo Acuna-The Divine Will in the writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta: Recognizing it, loving it, invoking it, doing it:

What it means to do the Will of God, living the Will of God, not as mere doers, but identifying with It to become the Will of God ourselves. Understanding how we enter into the Will of God. The connection that puts us in relationship with God, with others, with Creation.

3) Fr. Sergio Pellegrini-Living in the Divine Will of Jesus, in the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta-the center of life:

It is not enough to do a single act in the Divine Will, but to be continuously in the Divine Will. Keep the continuous flight in the Divine Will and keep ourselves in the center of the Divine Will, with all our acts, with our whole self, with our center.

4) Professor Antonietta Abbattista - The Word of God in the Writings of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta: welcoming the Word of God, understanding it meditating on it, living it in order to live in the Divine Will: The Word of God is an extraordinary Gift. Everything is contained in it. How Luisa approached the Word of God and how much It is commented on in Luisa's Writings.

Each of these moments was experienced with lively participation by all of us because of the fluidity with which each topic was presented and the passion that each speaker was able to convey. The speakers allowed the light that Jesus Himself wants to spread and reach those who hear His truths, through interlocutor, to filter through.

Each of us, according to our disposition, can say that we have received a globe of light that we can share with others and make Jesus happy. In fact, the effects of these communications will be incalculable: "My daughter, my truth is light... This is why you saw Me place a globe of light inside of you: these are my truths which I communicate to you. Be attentive in receiving them, and more attentive in communicating them, in order to give course to the light of my truths" (from Diary-September 25, 1920).

There were many moments of personal enrichment such as visiting the city of Anagni, the Museum, the Cathedral S. Maria Annunziata, in its crypt dedicated to St. Magnus, the exchange of lights in the Seminary garden.

In addition, these moments also brought us to know and share the lightness that the soul yearns for and lives when the place where it pauses is also imbued with peace.

Our spiritual enrichment was also emphasized by the Archbishop on the last day of the Retreat: each of us is different from the other, but we are called to come together to support one another:" As we walk as a Church, we understand well the value of being together... Jesus sends his disciples two by two precisely because he wants them to witness to the ability to be together, to live communion. No one is sufficient unto himself. The invitation is to continue to walk together, to be together -as was the case in this Retreat- each with his diversity, to continue to move forward, feeling freely passive to the action of the Holy Spirit and responsible collaborators with God."

This is accomplished when we live the Will of God. All this is Love.

"Now, it seemed to me that each Blessed is a key, that is, a melody himself, but all are in harmony among themselves, though each one is different from the other. One sings the notes of praise, one the notes of glory, one of thanksgiving, one of blessings, but all these notes reunite into one single note, and this note is Love. It seems that one single voice reunites all those voices and ends with the word ‘Love’.  It seems that one single voice reunites all those voices and ends with the word ‘Love’ (from Diary – October 16, 1906).

Thank You Jesus!

I thank in You all the brothers and sisters who were present at the Retreat,

the organizers, the speakers, those who gladdened us with sweet music and songs,

the collaborators of the Seminary...

Thank you Jesus!

for letting us breathe Your presence, every day, in every moment;

thank You for giving us so much new Light; for the strong emotions You gave us;

for putting us in communion with one another.

Thank You,

for making us experience that we belong to each other and that we complete each other only when we are together,

and when we recognize that You are our Creator, our Father.


You open Your arms wide to give Yourself totally to Your children, covering them with tenderness and filling them with all Your gifts. You celebrate whenever a child "far away" finds his way back to You!




Riccardina Latti
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