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One God in three Persons

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Inspired by Jesus, Luisa Piccarreta spoke extensively about the Holy Trinity.

The prime Act of the Divine Persons is the perfect accord of Their Will. Their Will is so unified that one cannot distinguish the Will of One from That of the Other; so much so, that even though Their Persons are distinct – They are Three – Their Will is One, and this One Will produces a continuous act of perfect adoration among the Divine Persons – One adores the Others. This accord of Will produces equality of Sanctity, of Light, of Goodness, of Beauty, of Power, of Love, and establishes the true reign of order and of peace, giving immense joys and happinesses, and infinite beatitudes.

The Holy Trinity gives life, preserves, purges and delights from Its simple breath, there is no creature which does not hang upon It. Its Light is inaccessible to created mind. If anyone wanted to enter, it would happen to him as to a person who wanted to enter into a great fire: not having sufficient heat and power to face this fire, he would be consumed by the fire. Therefore, being extinguished, he will never be able to say either how much or what kind of heat that fire contained. The rays are the Divine virtues. Some virtues are less adaptable to created mind; this is why the created mind is delighted by them, it can see them, but is unable to describe anything. The other virtues, which are more adaptable to the human mind, can be described, but like a stammerer would do, because no one can speak about them in a right and worthy manner. The virtues which are more adaptable to the human mind are Love, Mercy, Goodness, Beauty, Justice, Science.

Moreover, Luisa, again, in the first volume of her Diary recounts that the three Divine Persons appeared to her " now in the form of three children, gracious and immensely beautiful, now with one single body and three distinct heads, but resembling each other, all three of them attractive. (...)Another amazement for me, when I would be with these three children, was that each one would weigh as much as the three of them together. I would feel as much love for one of these children, as for all three of them together; each one of them attracted me in the same way."

In the third volume she writes: "In looking inside the vault of the heavens, I saw three Suns: one seemed to set in the east, another in the west, and the third in the south. The splendor of the rays that they sent forth was so great that they united, one with the other, in such a way as to become one. I seemed to see the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity, and man, formed with the three powers in the image of It. " (May 9, 1900).

Then Jesus emphasizes that the Holy Trinity wanted to form His Image in every creature. In fact God endowed the soul with will, intellect and memory. In the first the Celestial Father shone. He, as first act, communicated His power, His sanctity, His height etc.. As second act, Jesus, Son of God, concurred by endowing her with intellect, communicating to her His wisdom, the knowledge of all things, so that by knowing them, she might enjoy them and delight in what is good. Then, as third act, the Holy Spirit concurred by endowing her with memory, so that in remembering so many benefits, she might be in continuous currents of love, in continuous relations. Love was to crown her, embrace her and permeate all of her life.

The Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, therefore, makes us contemplate this marvelous mystery of love and of light from which we come and toward which our earthly journey is guided.

“God is love” (1 Jn 4:8-16). The Father is love; the Son is love; the Holy Spirit is love. And inasmuch as he is love, God, while being one alone, is not solitude but communion, among the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

In 1882, during a novena in preparation for Holy Christmas, Luisa with her thought, brought herself to Paradise and contemplated the great mystery of love so reciprocal, so equal, so strong among the three Divine Persons and toward men. She imagined the Father, sending the Son upon earth; the Son, promptly obeying the Will of the Father; the Holy Spirit, consenting.

Jesus spoke to Luisa with great tenderness of His Love in the Incarnation, because in this way He not only renewed His Love which He had in incarnating Himself, but He created new love in order to invest the creatures and conquer them to give themselves to Him.

Love is essentially a gift of self, and in its original and infinite reality it is the Father who gives himself by generating his Son, who in turn gives himself to the Father, and their mutual love is the Holy Spirit, the bond of their unity.


Ever Holy and indivisible Trinity,

I adore You profoundly,

I love You intensely,

I thank You perpetually, for all and in the hearts of all.

(Prayer recited by Jesus vol. 4, January 14, 1902)

Antonietta Abbattista
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