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October 16, 1982 - October 16, 2023

The Association Luisa Piccarreta and its 41 years of life

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Forty-one years ago the Association Luisa Piccarreta placed the first piece of its birth. In fact, the first group of people formed around Sister Assunta Marigliano, who was attracted to Luisa's writings in October 1981 and settled in Corato. The group received the first approval on October 16, 1982 by Archbishop Giuseppe Carata. He gave his blessing for the beginning of this Work in the chapel of the minor archdiocesan seminary of Trani.

"You can not imagine my joy in seeing you present here. Luisa, who considered everything as God’s Will, is your model ... Continue as you have begun. The Church, we rely on your availability and on your prayer in the Eucharistic spirit.” (Archbishop Giuseppe Carata)

It was the Archbishop himself who erected the Association canonically on the 40th anniversary of Luisa’s death (March 4, 1987) under the name of Pia Associazione Luisa Piccarreta Piccoli Figli della Divina Volontà. Archbishop Giovan B. Pichierri with a decree on June 13, 2010, established the Pious Association as a public association of faithful and called it "ASSOCIAZIONE LUISA PICCARRETA-PICCOLI FIGLI DELLA DIVINA VOLONTÀ with the aim of becoming more and more a tool of the Church for the unity and holiness of our brothers.

Born as a small "seed" the Association is becoming a great tree that with its branches wishes to embrace all the Little Children of the Divine Will around the world.

The fruits of this tree will come to full flower in each of us if we use the “mustard seed”, to make ours and spread the Light of the truth that Jesus gave us through Luisa. Only in this way we will be able to respond, day after day, to the divine call, in the knowledge that, only in God and in His Will there is the fullness and the fulfillment of every good deed.

“…this tree that you see is the tree of my Divine Will; these fruits are all my truths which I have manifested on my Divine Fiat. They are all in the act of giving birth to their light in the bosom of the generations…” (Jesus to Luisa)


Antonella Bucci
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