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“My Will in Creation and in My Celestial Mother alone has always remained intact and kept free its field of action”

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Who is Mary?

It might seem like a question with an obvious and in many ways trivial answer. So much has been written and said about the humble young girl of Nazareth, called by God to be the Mother of the Savior of mankind, which leads us to think we have told every story possible about her, and that it is impossible to further investigate who she is and discover aspects and peculiarities which have remained unexplored till now.

Nothing could be more wrong!

The little woman of Nazareth, a creature of admirable silence and extraordinary in her simplicity, is surprisingly rich. Her existence is a masterpiece of the Holy Spirit, an open book that tells of the great works done in her by the Almighty. She is a continuous revelation of God's newness and tirelessly proclaims the mystery of His love. For this reason Mary is much more and far beyond all that we are capable of conceiving, of expressing and of manifesting. Words, our words, never seem to be enough; they are limited and inadequate.

It is therefore necessary to approach the Mother of our Lord by refraining from enclosing her within our schemes and visions and put aside all useless rhetoric. We must free ourselves, as much as possible, from any devotional construct that only obscures the essential aspects of her incomparability as woman of bold faith, the loving and true mother capable of giving without reserve and abandoning herself totally to the will of her Lord.

This is what we want to do in this new series of reflections, through what Luisa has learned about Mary and that we find in her diary. By listening to the Gospel story of the Annunciation, we will attempt to trace Mary’s image as Luisa saw it in her innumerable and edifying references in her writings. In this way, we too can contemplate that Sun of the "Divine Fiat" that has always been present in Mary and that she also wants to give us together with her Son, Jesus.

Creation and the Heavenly Mother, Jesus said to Luisa, are the most perfect models for living in the Divine Will. When Jesus speaks to Luisa of His Will He often unites the Sovereign Queen of Heaven with Creation. It seems that He takes so much delight in speaking about the one and the other that He goes about finding occasions and pretexts to manifest what His Will does both in the Celestial Mother and in Creation.

Only in Creation and in Mary has the Divine Will always remained intact and kept free Its field of action. Therefore, if Jesus wanted to teach Luisa to live in the Divine Will as one of them, He had to propose them as examples and images to imitate. Hence, in order to do great things so that everyone can perceive that good, unless they did not wish to, it is first necessary for the Divine Will to act wholly within the soul.

If we look at Creation, the Divine Will is whole in it, and while it (creation) is whole it stays in its place and contains the fullness of that good with which it was created. Therefore, it always remains new, noble, pure, fresh, and can participate in all the good it possesses. But the beauty lies in the fact that while it gives itself to everyone, it loses nothing and always stays the same as God created it. What has the sun lost by giving so much light and warmth to the earth? Nothing. What has the blue sky lost by extending itself in the atmosphere, or the earth by producing so many different plants? Nothing, and so it is for all created things.

Creation admirably celebrates the saying referred to God as "ever ancient and ever new". Therefore, the Divine Will in Creation is the center of life, is fullness of good, order and harmony; It keeps all things It wishes in place. Where we can find a more beautiful example, a more perfect image of living in the Divine Will if not in Creation?

We are called to live in the midst of created things as their sister until we learn to live in the Supreme Will. Then we too may be in our place as desired by God and enclose in us the fullness of the good that the Divine Will wants to place in us so that whoever wishes can take of that good.

But the one that surpasses all is the Celestial Mother. She is the new sky, the most dazzling sun, the brightest moon and most flowery earth. She encloses everything within herself, and if each created thing contains the fullness of its own good received from God, My Mother encloses all the goods together, because endowed with reason and living My Will entirely within herself the fullness of Grace, of light and of sanctity increased at every moment. Every act she did was suns and stars that My Will formed in her so that she surpassed the whole of Creation, and My Will which is integral and permanent in Her did the greatest thing and impetrated the longed for Redeemer. Therefore, My Mother is Queen in the midst of Creation because she surpassed everything, and My Will found in her the nourishment for Its reason, which whole and permanent made her live in Itself. There was highest accord between them, they shook hands with each other; there was no fiber of her heart, word, or thought in which My Will did not possess her life. What can a Divine Will not do? Everything; It lacks no power and there is nothing It cannot do. Therefore, one can say that It did everything, and everything that others could not do, nor will they be able to do all together, she did it alone.

If we want the "Supreme Fiat" to reign as It does in Heaven, which is the greatest thing that is left for creatures to do, we must make sure that the Divine Will reigns sovereign in us – wholly and permanently. Of all the rest we must not give a thought, neither of our incapacity, our circumstances, nor of the things that can happen around us, because as the Divine Will reigns in us these will serve as matter and food for the "Fiat" to be fulfilled.




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