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My remembrance about Sr. Assunta

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This morning my first thought was about Sr Assunta. She used to tell me, "Write, take notes," so I want to recall what I have perceived all these years beside her. I confess that I feel 'a chosen one' for all that I keep in my heart. Almost 30 years have passed since I joined the association. I remember that it was the 50th anniversary of Luisa Piccarreta's death. Since then it has been a call to which I have responded assiduously, even though I knew nothing about both Luisa and the spirituality of the Divine Will.

During these years I found a very strong guide in Sister Assunta. She wove me like a cloth. I felt like a newborn beside her and always tried to "ruminate" what I was learning about the spirituality of the Divine Will. I was nourished by all the advice Sister Assunta always bestowed for the formation of everyone.

Sister Assunta used to talk to us about different talents, because the Lord gives each person a different talent to be perfected by being together to achieve unity.  Sister Assunta used to invite us to harmonize these talents to strengthen the spirit of association in us. Being close to her I always received a sea of knowledge, so today I can say thanks to God for this call, "Come and associate." Since then I have never left the association, because as I grew up, I understood that everything is willed by God, it is a divine call for me and for all brothers and sisters walking toward the Kingdom. I close with a thought addressed to you Sister Assunta: may it all be in God's plan what you have given, continue to support us for God's great plan that has called you to this land of Corato. You, Sister Assunta used to tell us, "Corato will be a new Jerusalem," referring to Jesus' words to Luisa.

Fiat always


La Redazione
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- 1/29/2024
How Blessed you are, Carmela! Thank you for sharing this personal story of your time with Sr. Assunta! Julieanne Loth Divine Will Volunteer Facilitator Our Lady of the Atonement Catholic Church San Antonio, TX Fiat, always Fiat!
- 1/29/2024
Carmela- we know that Sr. Assunta wrote a book in Italian, titled “My Family is the Holy Trinity”. Do you know when that book will be available in English?? The wisdom and growth she had in living in The Most Holy Will of God would be very beneficial for every soul. Please let us know if you learn of an English translation for sale!🙏