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"My mind to Heaven..."

Prayer by Luisa

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“My mind to Heaven, my gaze to the Crucifix,

always saying the word Fiat.

Always closed in the Divine Will,

to give it the domain

of all my being "

 (by the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta - autograph prayer on the back of a prayer card)

To turn our mind to Heaven means that we should remember that even though we are children of this world we are made for Heaven, even though we are children of this time we are made for eternity.

            Already in the first volumes, Jesus says to Luisa: "Your eye always on high; you belong to Heaven – operate for Heaven...” (Vol. 2  - February 28, 1899). Luisa never had her gaze turned to herself, she always had her eyes turned to God. Her flight was always towards Heaven, her thoughts always turned to eternal realities and to Jesus, the Beloved.

What a teacher and example Luisa is for us, she is the pioneer of the Divine Will! She directs our lifestyles and takes us by the hand towards the Kingdom. Let us learn from her not to worry, not to complain, knowing that our full happiness will be only in Heaven. Luisa, however, enjoyed ordinary life, indeed, she rejoiced and took part in it for all that was created for the love of the creature, according to the Will of God. She was aware that all the beautiful things of this world could never satisfy our hunger for happiness. Jesus said to Luisa: "man has forgotten Heaven for the earth he has forgotten his soul for the sake of his body”... (Volume 14 - April 6, 1922)

Luisa turned her gaze to her Beloved Jesus Crucified with "purity of heart" and reflected herself in Him. She not only had a compassionate gaze but, she was called to live in the likeness of Jesus Crucified and to carry out the same office of the Humanity of Jesus .by virtue of that "yes" freely pronounced by her years before to become a victim soul.

"Christ Crucified is the true image of one who does not live by human will but by the Divine" (July 25, 1924) Jesus said to her.  By her "Fiat" Luisa associated herself with Christ the Redeemer’s   eternal Act of placing in His arms all souls, sinners and saints, innocent and wicked. She always had the word "Fiat" on her lips, thus linking her human will to the Divine Will, and for every thought, word, prayer and action she created channels of communication between herself, all creatures and the Creator, who became the life of her own life.

”…Who will be the souls in whom

I can reflect the reverberations of my sorrows and of my very Life?

Those who will have my Fiat as life.

This Fiat will make them absorb my reflections,

and will be generous in sharing with them that which my Will operates in Me.

Therefore, in my Will do I await souls, to give them the true dominion

and the complete glory of each act and pain that they may suffer…”

(Vol. 15- March 23, 1923)

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