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Greetings to Archbisbop D'Ascenzo from the LCDW around the world

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To Archbishop Leonardo D’Ascenzo

On those beautiful DAYS OF LIGHT, the Light of the Divine Will, all of us are happy to see you again in the Chiesa Santa Maria Greca to celebrate Holy Mass. Corato is such a wonderful place because it’s there Luisa, woman of the Church, woman of the Eucharist, wrote her so important Diary. She was and still is, our great example for living in the Divine Will. Together with you we pray she may help and sustain all of us to live this way of life.

So thank you very much and many greetings from the Divine Will people of Belgium and the Netherlands





Dear Archbishop D’Ascenzo,

On behalf of the Little Children of the Divine Will – Philippines and USA, we greet you, and all our dear sisters and brothers in the Divine Will in Corato and in the world.

On this special commemoration of the 122nd Anniversary since Luisa began to write her Diary and her 74th Death Anniversary, we want to express our “oneness” with you and the Association Luisa Piccarreta, Little Children of the Divine Will in Corato and in the world in praying for the coming of the reign of the Kingdom of the Divine Will in all souls and for the glorification of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

The Little Children of the Divine Will – Philippines and USA asks for your paternal blessings.

Together with the Blessed Mother and  Mamina Luisa, we pray “May the Divine Will, be known, loved and possessed by souls!”





Your Excellency,

Greeting you from the Family of the Divine Will Group Ireland who are spiritually united with the whole Association in Corato on this special occasion.

We look forward to visiting you again in the near future when everything settle down.

Wishing you every blessing.

Phyllis Mulligan





It is with joy that we join You spiritually in the celebration of the Holy Mass on the occasion of the Day of Obedience, today, February 28, 2021, in Corato, Italy. All the members of the "Casa de la Divina Voluntad" and the "Adoratrices Perpetuas de la Divina Voluntad", scattered throughout the world, wish to join with Your Excellency and thank God for the gift of the Divine Will that has been given to us throughout  the life and writings of Luisa, "The Little Daughter of the Divine Will". Your Excellency, we are committed to the service of the mission of the Church, to make known and hasten the fulfillment of the Kingdom of the Divine Will as in Heaven so on earth. United with You in prayer.

In the Divine Will

Mother Marianela Perez and D. Carlos Massieu




Dear Archbishop D'Ascenzo

We are priests and religious lay people who want to liveing in the Divine Will in Korea.

I ask for your father's blessing so that even more people in Korea can walk this amazing and beautiful path.



Most Reverend Excellency

Monsignor Leonardo D'Ascenzo

On the occasion of the "Days of Light" commemorating the beginning of the writings and the depth of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta we join spiritually in this celebration in fraternal and filial obedience to all the steps indicated by the Divine Fiat that come from the decisions of Your Excellency and of this beloved Association in Corato.

For the Private Association of the Faithful Luisa Piccarreta - Brazil - Little Children  of the Divine Will

Cleusa Mendes and Fr. Carlos Alberto Giacone




Dear Archbishop Leonardo!

On behalf of the many devotees of dear Luisa and those who pray in the Divine Will, I greet you with warmly! We hope and pray that you will always be enlightened by the Holy Spirit.

P. Klaus Holzer CP



La Redazione
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- 3/4/2021
Most Reverend Excellency Monsignor Leonardo D'Ascenzo, Greetings from Brazil! God be praised, especially for this day of celebration for the passage of Luísa Piccarreta to Heaven. May Luisa pray for all of us, so that our will rise again in the Divine Will and we may take our place of honor in the whole order of Creation, where God wants us to be. "Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven!" United in prayer with all the Little Children of the Divine Will. Fiat! Father Eduardo Dougherty, sj (Rede Século 21 - Brazil)
- 3/3/2021
Greetings from The Rays of Light~Rainbows of Peace Divine Will Prayer Cenacle. We greet you with Great Joy and are enjoying the 5 day Celebration and thanking God for His Grace to Allow such an event to occur. Thank you, Archbishop D'Ascenzo! We greet you primarily from the United States, particularly from our Cenacle's parish of the Cathedral Seat of the Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter, where we meet in-person weekly in Houston, TX at Our Lady of Walsingham! We also meet online and send greetings, not only from Texas, but also from Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Kentucky, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Washington State, and California, Canada and Australia! Fiat!