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‘Mary’: the name that loves us

Caresses of Light

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Holy Mother, we want to meditate on your Fiat, your Yes, a Yes that you renewed unceasingly in your life.  A generous Yes that you uttered even beneath the Cross of Jesus.  By accepting the Divine Will you responded to Jesus' invitation to become our Mother, the Mother of all. Mary you became for us the shining beacon that leads us to God, that extraordinary woman who, in her simplicity, felt in her heart that God was calling her to a great mission.

We thank God for giving us You, Mary, the sweetest name, the name that comforts, accompanies us, protects us, loves us....

With Luisa we want to celebrate you and give you the honors of Queen.  Together with us, we call the whole Creation to surround You like a crown - the Angels, the Saints, the heavens, the stars, the Sun and everyone, to recognize You as our Queen, to honor and love your height, and to declare ourselves your children. 

Don’t You see, O Celestial Mother and Queen, how all created things run to be around You to say to You:  “We hail You, Our Queen!  Finally, after so many centuries, we have been given our Empress.”  The Sun hails You as Queen of light, the heavens as Queen of immensity and of the stars, the wind as Queen of empire, the sea as Queen of purity, strength and justice, the earth hails You as Queen of flowers.  All hail You, in chorus:  “You are welcome, Our Queen -You will be our smile, our glory, our happiness! (Vol. 24-7/19/1928)


Antonella Bucci
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