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Luisa, you have taken us by the hand

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We came from Treviso because we heard the great call of Christ's love through the Little Daughter of the Divine Will.

Luisa, you have taken us by the hand and are patiently leading us on the path of true love and total abandonment to the Divine Will. We are discovering through you a new light, a peace that invades our body, our soul and our whole life.

Dear Luisa, thank you for your unconditional 'yes' and for offering yourself for all humanity.

Teach us to say our daily 'yes', teach us your simplicity, the humility of one who makes himself a servant of love, just as you did.


‘My Love, my Life… You want love, and I will love You; I will not leave You ever again.

 Give me your flames to be able to love You more, and be consumed completely for You.’

                                                                                                (Vol. 1 - Ninth hour)

La Redazione
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