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Luisa took me to the Virgin Mary and the Virgin Mary took me to Luisa

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May 31, 2021

"What an emotion for me to visit Luisa today on the very day of the Feast of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to sing with Her the great things that God has accomplished in me."

This is what Mrs. Maria from Taranto says.  She has known the spirituality of the Divine Will for about two years thanks to the "24 hours of the Passion" and the book of the "Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will". Luisa made me fall in love with the Heavenly Mother,  Maria continued, I learned to feel Our Lady ever closer to me, to feel her as my mother. Thank you, Lord, for calling me to come here, to this place of grace, where I can breathe the scent of Heaven, with Jesus, Mary and Luisa.

The "my daughter" that Mary addresses to Luisa is also addressed to all of us. Mary is full of God's presence, She is fully inhabited by God. By remaining with God, by dialoguing with Him in every circumstance, Mary made her life beautiful. And it is the heart turned towards God that makes life beautiful!

"... Mary is the saint among the saints, blessed above all others. She teaches us the way of holiness and she walks ever at our side. She does not let us remain fallen and at times she takes us into her arms without judging us. Our converse with her consoles, frees and sanctifies us. Mary our Mother does not need a flood of words. She does not need us to tell her what is happening in our lives. All we need do is whisper, time and time again: “Hail Mary…" (Pope Francis, Gaudete et exsultate)

Antonella Bucci
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