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Luisa, “my dear little one!"

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A small group from Venosa came to visit the places of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta. "We are in Corato - they affirm joyfully - for Jesus and Luisa ... We love Luisa because through her writings she shows us the way to return to the place and to the purpose for which we were created by God. Thanks Luisa because you have become so little for us too. "

My dear little one, I have chosen you little, because the little ones let one do with them whatever he wants. They do not walk by themselves, but let themselves be guided…

The little ones are stripped of everything, nor do they care about whether they are rich or poor; they are concerned with nothing.

Oh! how beautiful the tender age is - full of grace, of beauty and of freshness. Therefore, the greater is the work I want to do in a soul, the littler I choose her. "(Jesus to Luisa)


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