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Luisa is all my life

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We want to greet Maria and Erick from McAllen, the largest city in Hidalgo County, Texas, United States.

Deeply moved, Maria expressed her joy for staying  at Luisa Piccarreta's house. "For me - she said - the tomb and the house of Luisa are a holy place. Luisa is all my life, the Divine Will is everything to me! ". In fact, she said that she dedicates about 2, 3 hours a day to study the ‘Book of Heaven’. She became aware of Luisa’s writings mostly 8 years ago, but for the last 3 years she has been studying them in depth. She is part of a group of about 30 people, who in addition to studying the Volumes, meditate weekly on the 24 hours of the Passion.

"I love Luisa for her love for Jesus and for souls"; as for Jesus, for Luisa too the words "souls" and "love" were her recurring refrain. Jesus wanted to suffer all humiliations in His Humanity in order to redo the humanity of creatures, and to make it rise again full of life, of honor and of glory to eternal life. Luisa, in turn, gave to God, all the gratitude, the thanksgiving, the praise, the reparation, the correspondence that all souls were to give Him.

“…The words ‘souls and ‘love’ make You smile, debilitate You and force You to surrender in everything; and I, pondering well these excesses of your love, will be always around You and together with You, with my usual refrains: ‘Souls and love’.

Therefore, today I want all of You - always together with me in the prayer, in the work, in the pleasures and displeasures, in the food, in the steps, in the sleep - in everything. I am certain that, being unable to obtain anything by myself, with You I will obtain everything; and everything we do, will serve to soothe each of your pains, to sweeten every bitterness of yours, to repair for any offense, to repay You for everything, and to impetrate any conversion, no matter how difficult and desperate. We will go begging for a little love from every heart, to make You more content and happy!..( from  Good Morning to Jesus)

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- 10/4/2019
☀️🙄 il ritornello ricorrente,☀️Fiat☀️
- 10/4/2019
Como me dijo la hermana Antonella una vez, es una poeta, gracias María. Su verdadero emblema...¡Almas, Amor! Fiat