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Luisa is a Gift for All

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We came to Corato from different parts of Sicily.  Some of us came for the second time, others for the first, but we all felt united by the desire to know the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta better.

This experience caused our union to be consolidated in the Divine Will. We felt like family and children of the Divine Will. We experienced a strong bond with Luisa, an atmosphere of warm welcome peace and serenity in her places.

An experience that although simple was so intense that it allowed us to create a real communion and a true emotional bond even for those who did not yet know Luisa.

We are 21 pilgrims. We all think that to this day brotherly love is the greatest miracle and we received it, merged in Jesus, Mary and Luisa.

Luisa was a great gift and still is a great gift....

...This is a Gift which I want to give in these times so sad: that they may not only do My Will, but possess It. ( Vol. 17. 09-18-1924)



Group from Sicily


La Redazione
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