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The spirituality of the Divine Will in Korea.

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After the association “Little Children of the Divine Will - Philippines and USA "(LCDW), this month we talk about the Korean community, whose establishment is much more recent.

This community has been founded in the Archdiocese of Seoul, where in 2009, retreats for priests, religious and hundreds of faithful were starting to be organized. Then, following approval by the then Archbishop, Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-Suk, about 300 faithful every month began to gather in Seoul at the Parish of Jeong Neug Parish (Our Lady of the Rosary) under the spiritual guide of the parish priest, Father Paul Beum Joo Lee  (born in 1951 and ordained a priest in 1983), to pray together, and then they divided into smaller groups to study and share the spirituality of the Divine Will.

Currently, there are 37 Divine Will prayer groups in Korea with the sole purpose of growing in the Knowledge of the spirituality of the Divine Will They officially started their meetings, weekly or sometimes monthly, in January 2009.

In truth, spiritual retreats for priests and religious people have already been organized in 2006, and in 2005 for lay people. Since then, about 2,000 people have been participating in these days of knowledge and deepening of the spirituality of the Divine Will.

In 2004, the Centre for Studies on the Divine Will was born. It is active in Korea and has the purpose of studying this spirituality and spreading it among the faithful. It is guided by 7 priests: three of them belong to the Congregation of the Missionaries of Maryknoll, that is, Gerald P. Farrell who brought the knowledge of the writings of Luisa from the United States to Korea, Father Joseph Slaby MM and P. Henry Beninati, the other four are: Father Rak Chang Chae Joseph, Father Francis Xavier Choi, Father Francis Ho Young Moon and Father Paul Lee. This group of priests meets every two months to deepen the knowledge of the writings of Luisa.

Together with the group of priests there is a group of volunteers that was born in September 2009: 35 lay members, men and women, who meet once a month to be formed, and they have the task of animating Divine Will meetings and retreats.

The spiritual formation usually consists first in the deepening of the writings of Luisa as the "Hours of the Passion," The Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of the Divine Will "and" The rounds in the Divine Will ", then later in the study of the more difficult passages  contained in the books of  Luisa’s. Diary 

Moreover, formation includes participation in retreats and two-week pilgrimage to the Holy Land and Italy, especially to Corato for visiting  Luisa’s house and the Church Santa Maria Greca.

As regards the retreats, four were organized recently, in 2013.

Three of them were held in Seoul, South Korea.

From April 11 to 13, a retreat was held in the Parish of Our Lady of the Rosary in Seoul, South Korea with 400 people, almost all of whom in their first meeting with this spirituality. Whereas, from April 15 to 20, again in Seoul there was another for those who already Knew it, for lay people, priests and religious  people in a House for spiritual exercises in which as many 225 people took part, including 15 priests, 50 women religious and 160 lay people.

From April 22 to 26, eight priests met at the House of the Maryknoll missionaries (Seoul), Among them there was  F. A. S. Antonisany, National Coordinator of the Marian Movement of Priests in India, who positively moved, expressed his wish to organize in India similar days of prayer and reflection.

Lastly, on April 29 there was a meeting of about 20 religious people of the Community "Sisters of the Mother of Jesus", in the Diocese of Incheon, very close to North Korea. Its founder, Father Francis Moon of the  Archdiocese of Seoul, who is a friend of Father Gerald Farrell and Father Joseph Slaby, introduced years ago the spirituality of the Divine Will in his Institute.

The participation of 153 Koreans in the IV International Conference "Church in the Divine Will" which took place from April 23 to April 26 2015 in Corato was very characteristic.


Article published by LO STRADONE newspaper - July 2016

Francesca Maria Testini
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- 11/19/2023
Ciao ! Kindly comment on this please? We want to start a Divine Will group but I wish to be clarified on the status of the Divine Will groups in South Korea. A Korean friend sent me this: We were able to confirm that the Korean Catholic Church views it as heresy. Private publication cannot surpass public publication. The content of her book, The 36 Books of Heaven, in which she identifies herself with each of the Persons of the Holy Trinity, and the sacraments (Sere, Eucharist, Confession) and the sacraments (Séance, Eucharist, and Confession), and that God's will is above all these, and that the criteria for judging God's will is not based on any evidence, and that she has such criteria and is superior to the magisterium and the priesthood, so it is designated as an error, and the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith on March 4, 2020, stated that it needs to be reviewed by the Vatican and that it cannot be shown at this time, so....