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"Luisa, help me to enter the world of the Divine Will."

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A small group of pilgrims arrived from Poland to visit places associated with the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta.

“I recently got to know Luisa, her life and her writings”, says the priest who accompanied the two young people to Corato. “I learned about her work thanks to some people who are "ahead" in discovering the spirituality of the Divine Will and the person of Luisa... I came, here, to Corato to know her even more. A very wide world has opened up to me. I will try to deepen it.  It is a world that precisely because of its vastness always reveals new knowledge to us”.

"Luisa, help me to enter the world of the Divine Will."

A world that has nothing external; it apparently has nothing great and wonderful, but it is all internal. This world has God and His Love for humanity as its sole focus.

Jesus said to Luisa: “I am all that is beautiful and that deserves to be loved. See, if you do not remove this little world that surrounds you – that is, thoughts of creatures, imagination – I cannot enter freely into your heart”.

O Lord, remove from our minds and hearts every murmur that may be an impediment to us hearing Your voice more clearly. Grant that our acts may all be imbued with heavenly air and that our interior may always go around in Your Will.

Antonella Bucci
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