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Listening with the ear of the heart

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Do you know what I want from you? I want you similar to Me in everything, both in operating and in the intention. I want you to be respectful with everyone, because respecting everyone gives peace to oneself and peace to others; and that you consider yourself the least of all; that you meditate constantly on my teachings within your mind, and keep them in your heart, so that, on the occasion, you may find them always ready to be used and put into practice. In sum, I want your life to be an outpouring of Mine.”

I have been thinking a lot about this passage from April 22, 1901. Jesus' teachings are very direct, He teaches us to keep them in our minds and hearts so that we may be ready to put them into practice when the occasion calls for it.

Jesus says: Consider yourself the least of all. No room for egos. You must look to serve as I served. Meditate constantly on my teachings within your mind. Read and reread the Gospels slowly pondering each phrase until the teachings go down into the heart and you are praying with the heart. They become life giving like the air that you breathe, and you are ready to put them into practice when the occasion demands.

On July 23 of the same year Jesus goes on to say:

Daughter do not fear. What I recommend to you is that you remain always conformed to my Will, because when the Divine Will is in the soul, neither the diabolical will nor the human have the strength to enter the soul to make a mockery of her”.

This is a very comforting message both for Luisa and for us. When we are in the Divine Will, we need not fear anything; evil cannot enter the soul. To live in Jesus and with Jesus, it is necessary to have the will, the desire, to know the truths revealed to us and to put them into practice. These truths bear the mark of simplicity. Our wills fused to that of Jesus brings light and a profound simplicity in our lives. The truth sets us free to remove all the dross from our lives, and to live in obedience avoiding sin united with Jesus.

Jesus explains:

Imagine a room in which the shutters are closed: as much sunlight as there might be outside, the room remains always in the dark. Now, opening the shutters means wanting the light. But this is not enough, if one does not take advantage of the light to reorder the room, dust it, get down to work, almost so as not to kill the light that one is given, and render oneself ungrateful.

In the same way, it is not enough to have the will to know the truths, if in the light of the truth that illuminates him one does not try to dust himself of his weaknesses, and reorder himself according to the light of the truth he knows, and, together with the light of the truth, get down to work, making of it his own substance, in such a way that the light of the truth which he has absorbed may shine forth from his mouth, from his hands, from his bearing.


Blessed are those who hear the word of God and obey it. (Luke 11:27-28)



Frank Connolly - Group from Ireland

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