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Like a hen with its chicks

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On the passage of December 14, 1916, Jesus says to Luisa: “My daughter, sleep with my sleep, so that, in looking at you, I may reflect Myself in you, and as I gaze at Myself I may find all of Myself in you”.

The creature - Jesus says -  was made by Me, and, as my own, I wanted to keep her in my arms, in continuous rest. However, the creature escapes and she goes in search of vigil. Vigil are passions, sin, attachments, pleasures; vigil the fears, the anxieties, the agitations.

Jesus sees that all His creatures for one reason or another can not enjoy peace, the true peace that we possess only when our will return into the Will of our Creator.

Like the hen that gives shelter to its chicks under its wings, so the humanity of Jesus keeps us under His wings to give to some forgiveness of sin, to some victory over passions, to some strength in the struggle. The Lord takes care of us as from the moment He generated us and He will never forget us!  Abandonment in God makes us live as children and strengthens us by removing anxieties, worries, discouragement... It is to live already on earth as in Heaven. The greatest example of abandonment is Mary, She abandoned herself to God's call even though she knew the consequences.

There is no greater virtue than abandonment in God. This virtue in fact allows our soul, which trusts in God, to empty itself of its ego, to nourish itself and take refuge in the Divine Heart when it is awakened by the earthly storm.


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