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Letter of the Postulator Mons Paolo Rizzi to all groups of the Divine Will in the world

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Mons. Paolo Rizzi, the new Postulator of the Cause of Canonisation of Luisa Piccarreta, worked promptly to give a decisive impetus to the Roman phase of the Cause and accelerate the canonical process that is now at a decisive stage.

The complexity of the Cause requires, for the progress of the same Cause, a great deal of work and a heavy economic  burden a costly burden. Therefore, Mons. Rizzi  decided to address the groups of the Divine Will and all the faithful, by writing a letter which is reproduced below. Through this letter he appeals to their generosity so that the Church can recognize the holiness of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta and elevate her, as soon as possible, to the honors of the altars.



-To the groups of the Divine Will of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

-To the faithful devotees of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

Following my appointment as the new Postulator, I was able to devote myself to the verification of both the path undertaken until now and of future projects. I appreciated the work properly carried out by the Actor of the Cause, namely, the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will with headquarters in Corato, as well as the valid work of the diocese of Trani-Barletta-Bisceglie that has adequately fulfilled the diocesan phase of the Cause. All this constitutes a solid base as a strong guarantee for a positive outcome. At the same time, I have noted some delays and uncertainties at other levels and in other areas, which I have been trying to remedy giving a decisive impetus to the Roman phase of the Cause. Significant steps have been taken in the last few weeks to accelerate the canonical process: preparations for working concretely on a fundamental technical tool to study procedural acts by the competent authorities of the Holy See, also setting out clear objectives with precise deadlines.

Therefore, the Cause is now at a decisive stage along the path. The subsequent steps will require considerable expenses: the preparation, typesetting, and printing of the probative dossiers that must be evaluated by theologians and historical experts and the fees for the latter, including the administrative fees of the Holy See, the various costs for conducting the Cause that the office of the Postulator must bear, and so forth. In fact, because of their complexity, the Causes for beatification and canonization require a great deal of work and involve numerous expenses. We need your help and financial support to cover the necessary  costs  for advancing  the Cause of Luisa Piccarreta.

The new norms that Pope Francis has issued, with the aim of making the administration of these ecclesial realities more transparent, establish that the Actor of a Cause must constitute an asset fund for the expenses of the same Cause. The fund, originating from offerings made by both physical and juridical persons is considered, due to its particular nature, as a “fund for a pious cause”. The promoters and administrators of the fund must rigorously respect the intention of those who make the offerings, keep regularly updated accounts and draw up annual financial reports, which must be submitted by the proper authorities for approval. The Association Luisa Piccarreta in Corato has moved in this direction with prudence and rigor; for all of you, devotees and admirers of Luisa, this should be an encouraging reason to make your contribution and add your own "brick" for the construction of the Church’s recognition of the sanctity of this great little woman.

Confident of the generosity of those who met Luisa, allowing their hearts to be “touched” by her bright spiritual message and who rely on her protection, I send my warm greetings to all.


            Rome, June 20, 2017

                                                                                                          Mons. Paolo Rizzi




The Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will, as the Actor of the Cause of Canonization, sustains what Mons. Paolo Rizzi expressed, highlighting that the positive outcome of the Cause lies first of all in the fulfillment of God's plan for His Little Daughter of the Divine Will and is related to the charity and generosity of all those who love her.

Anyone who wishes can support the Association Luisa Piccarreta Little Children of the Divine Will and the Cause of Canonization by donating his  financial contribution through a bank transfer with the following coordinates or through the official website of the Association

In order to rigorously respect the intention of those who make the offerings, the reason for donation should be specify.



For the Association:

Banca dell'Alta Murgia Credito Cooperativo

Viale E. Fieramosca 181

70033 Corato BA


IBAN: IT03B0705641470000020100931



For the Cause:






IBAN: IT 29 Y 01030 41470 000005405717



Click here to download the letter

Mons. Paolo Rizzi
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