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July 3, 1963-July 3, 2024

61st anniversary of the translation of the mortal remains of the Servant of God Luisa Piccarreta

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We thank the Lord for this day that marks an important anniversary for Luisa Piccarreta and our Association. In fact, on July 3, 1963, Luisa was transferred to the Church of Santa Maria Greca; it has been 61 years since she has also been present among us with her mortal remains.

Before closing Luisa's urn, Fr. Benedetto Calvi, inserted a case containing these words:

"The wonderful truth about the Divine Will, O Luisa, revealed to you at night and written down by you, was read by me every morning, sitting by your side next to your little bed of suffering, and was re-read with joy  and reflected on with admiration. Because of your writings,  which were completed in the  midst of your suffering you called yourself 'The Little Daughter of the Divine Will.' And,  I say:  Your writings made  me,  your vigilant confessor, a companion of your own suffering due to the many, so  very many, sacrifices, the enduring humiliations, and for the shared final and extremely mortification of a condemnation, that, as obedient children of our Mother Church, we Christianly accepted willingly and with the spirit of heartfelt submission. Therefore, together we sealed our 'solemn fiat' in the glory and splendor of the Divine Will.  You went before me to Heaven, in the blessed glory of the Sun of the Most Holy Will of God; I have continued and always will continue my life of sacrifice and mortification, that you left me as 'your personal Inheritance,' it is your duty now to prepare my place, that the infinite mercy of our good God will give me together with you in the paradise of His Most Divine Will when the time for  me to depart  this world will come."


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